Friday, August 15, 2014

Early Morning Workouts

Who doesn't like starting off the day with an early morning workout? Preferably at 5am before a 12 hour shift. Yeah, not that many people do. It is the sacrifice I have to do to stay fit.  I used to work out at the end of my shift but was starting to find excuses or reasons not to go. My feet hurt...I'm tired...I forgot something...My phone is dead...etc.

So what does one have to do in order to get to the gym by 5am? For starters a lot of will power.
 Here's what I have to do:
  • Wake up at 4:29am
  • Take my dogs out and feed them/change their water
  • While my dogs eat I prepare a protein smoothie for post workout
  • Finish getting ready as quickly as possible
  • Head out the door by 4:50am, get to the gym by 4:55am and start my workout by 5:00am.

Today's workout consisted of a one mile warm-up followed by arms and shoulders. It isn't my favorite but better than chest and back day. The perks of working out so early:
  • * I can use any machine/weights that I want.
  • * I don't feel crammed like a sardine.
  • * It doesn't feel like a "club." If you go during different times of the day all you encounter are meatheads or girls that have on way to much make-up to work out. It feels like you hit Jersey Shore and can't help but fist pump!
  • * You don't get the high school crowd. All they do is sit on the machines I want to use and check their phones. Waste of space if you ask me.
  • * I feel comfortable to use any machine and not feel stupid. It is the perfect time to try new routines, try new workouts and not feel rushed to finish because people are waiting on you to finish.
  • * I can usually get the sauna all to myself at the end of a workout. This is my "me" time and a great way to finish my workout. 
GB3 at 6:00am

What is your favorite time to work out and why?



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