Friday, August 22, 2014

My Number One Supporter

People don't realize how much effort it takes to train for races. We are pretty hard core at what we do. It is draining, time consuming, and exhausting.  It entails waking up at the butt crack of dawn for long runs, minimal to no drinking of alcoholic beverages, enduring countless blisters, and possibly loosing a few toe nails. Yes this all doesn't sound appealing to many, but for us twisted souls, we love this.

When training season starts, I am glad that I have my number one supporter by my side, my husband. Rain or shine, sober or hungover, he is there at my races cheering me on. Here are some tips on how to keep the runner in your life motivated during training season, at the race, and post race.. 

  • Remember that this is going to be tough for them, be there when they need to vent.
  • If they don't drink during training, try to limit your alcohol consumption as well. That way they feel you two are in it together. I will say my husband forgets this one...A LOT.
  • If they are currently on a strict diet, don't tempt them by bringing out the delicious processed food our body shouldn't have.
  • There will be times when they'll want to quit, remind them what their goals were at the beginning. 
  • Go on short runs with them. Remember you two are a team through thick and thin. It also wouldn't hurt to get a little bit of exercise as well. My husband has even signed up for short 5k races with me.

  • Surprise them with small gifts, nice dinner, massage, pedicure, etc. for reaching significant milestones during training.  Runners need recognition for their hard work and what better way than by pampering them!
  • On race day, meet them during different spots throughout the course. This obviously requires knowing the course quite well. You will run into road closures so beware. It makes a huge difference hearing someone cheer you on when you are starting to hit the wall. So make bright and big posters so you are easy to find.
  • Have gels, pretzels, snacks, water, etc at the different spots you meet them.  Before I met my husband my mother was actually my main supporter. She always had a banana waiting for me half way through the race.
  • I think it goes without saying that you MUST BE AT THE FINISH LINE.  I like to have my husband bring extra clothes post race. I get really cold afterwards since I am covered in my own cold sweat. So make sure you bring any shoes, clothes, or accessories your fellow runner will need.
  • Have an alcoholic beverage...okay this one just pertains to me but I swear that first sip is so magical! I try to keep it know by brown paper bagging it.
  • Immediately take them to get good food! They have burned off numerous calories and last thing you want is for them to get "hangry" once that runner's high fades. 

So these are my words of wisdom...any others you would like to share?

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