Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One Week Down...

Wohoo! One week of blogging done. I am beyond thankful and grateful for having this opportunity to share my love for fitness and travel. So far I have heard great feedback from friends who have checked it out. Trust me when I say that I plan on putting all the suggestions to good use.

I do want to stress though, that yes I love working out but I am no where perfect. I have areas I need to work on.  I have my own goals I still need to achieve. Also, I want to stress that even though I may run a lot, I am not in any way rockstar material.  I will never be able to race competitively, but I am okay with that. I know what I am capable of.  When in training my average pace is a 8:30 mile, but off season I am 9-9:30 mile pace. I am just an average person that just loves to run and travel.

So stay tuned for more tips and advice.  I hope I am able to give you a different perspective and get you motivated to start your fitness journey or continue on with staying fit. Best way to know I am doing well is by getting new followers. So spread the love and tell a friend!  

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