Thursday, August 14, 2014

Running with Mizuno

Woodward Park

It had been such a long time since I had gone running outside. By long I mean two weeks. I run at this amazing park in my city. Unfortunately I live on the opposite side of where the park is located. It takes about 30 minutes to get there but I still try to head over there at least once a week. I meet with my running partner there, lace up the shoes, and hit the pavement. We run a minimum of five miles every time we meet.  The reasons I love this park are because it has beautiful scenery and hills. Hills are crucial for training but painful.  Actually there aren't really that many hills in my city. It is pretty flat except for this park. The rolling hills are filled with beautiful scenery. California is currently under a water drought so some of the views won't be as beautiful until we get some rain!

 Mizuno has the key to my heart when it comes to running shoes. I first started off with the Wave Rider and am now in love with the Wave Sayonara. This shoe is comfortable, lightweight, neutral, and great for my distance running. It is low to the ground and has great traction. Not only do I love both of these styles, but they are also award winning. Mizuno recently came out with a new shoe: Wave Sayonara 2. I am extremely excited to try this shoe out. It is meant to be great for fast training and race day. Stay tuned for a review. I have tried other brands but Mizuno seems to fit my high arched feet better than others. However, I am open to trying new shoes.
What brand of running shoes do you wear and why?

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