Sunday, August 31, 2014

Santa Veronica

I'm back! Once again camping in Santa Veronica was great. The commute there always takes a long time since we live quite a few hours north of San Diego. Then crossing the border to get to the location can be a hassle. Luckily we broke the trip into two days since my husband had to work once we got to San Diego. 

The usual family members came, along with a few family friends that showed up for one night. It was great to see my family and relax. There was food galore.  Of course I was not able to really eat clean while I was away. I did eat as much fruit as I possibly could. Somehow in my head eating a ton of fruit justified eating all the home made tortillas, processed food snacks, and large portions of food. So hello four pounds I had lost...

I was also able to get in a few miles while out on the trails. Both my dogs ran with my husband and I; they just had a great time. I was actually kind of surprised my Guinness did so well considering he has elbow dysplasia.  Goes to show you that running on softer surfaces is better on the body.  We started early since it can get hot here during the summer. My husband joined me for safety reasons. Last thing I would want is to be abducted and held for ransom in Mexico. He has a race coming up in December and he has yet to start any training. So we ran at a slow pace and enjoyed the views. Unfortunately I failed as a new blogger and forgot my phone and didn't take any pictures during the trail. Even though it was a lot slower than my average pace, I woke up sore the next day. 

The beginning of my trail run
Celebrating September was my father's turn to blow the candles
Oh you know just cooking two pigs
Some had a little too much fun...His next facebook profile pic right here!
Running trail
Me and one of my running partners
Views from our spot
Home made tortillas
Views from our spot
The driveway to our spot
The rides
The pigs we ate...BOMB!
My Kona after our run
My Guinness after the run...a bit tired.

Can't wait until the next camping trip. My husband and I are even thinking of getting a quad now. We are back home, unpacked, and enjoying the rest of the evening. We still have tomorrow to rest (it also happens to be my birthday). Hope everyone continues to stay safe and enjoy the rest of the long weekend.

How are you spending your Labor Day weekend?

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