Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Reflections

Good Morning! Yesterday I got the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful rest day. I did absolutely nothing and it felt wonderful. I put my legs up and just watched television with my husband. We hardly see each other on the weekends so I treasure these moments. I really wanted to squeeze in a long run yesterday morning but my body had other plans. Sometimes you have to listen to your body and enjoy some rest and relaxation. 

Quick review on this past week...

1. I have definitely been enjoying blogging. Really appreciate the great feedback from people. I have great topics I am currently researching to blog about. So stay tuned.
2. I did Zumba this week and loved every minute of it! Yes I may not be as coordinated as the others in class, but who cares when you get a great workout. If you ever have the chance to try a class out, I highly recommend it. Most gyms over them, so venture out of your comfort zone and take a class. If you don't know the moves just do what I do...jump up and down. It's still some type of cardio right?

3. I had a great run at Woodward Park. It was refreshing to run a different course. Definitely going to try this course more often.
4. Love my new workout clothes! Great bargains always make for a better workout right?

Things to look forward to this coming week...

1. My goal is to run at least 15 miles this week. I get new shoes for my birthday so I am excited to break them in. I'll even get to do some trail running next weekend when I go camping. 
2. I get to see my family in San Diego. We like to go camping in Mexico for Labor Day Weekend. This time we are celebrating my father's birthday. Expect some good pictures of the cabin.
3. All last week I kept waking up really dehydrated so I need to increase my water consumption throughout the day. 
4. We get a leather couch delivered tomorrow! Time to go shopping for home goods. 

What were the highlights of your week? 
Did you have a favorite blog post?

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