Monday, August 18, 2014

Workout Clothes on a Budget

Woodward Park
So first off, I headed out to Woodward park in the morning to enjoy a new route. It was just what i needed. I have been running the same course for over a year and it was so nice to switch it up. Unfortunately my running partner was unable to run with me. Due to her schedule she won't be able to run with me until the fall or winter. I had to keep my mind busy during this run since I didn't have her for motivation. New route meant new rolling hills I am not used to. So what was I mostly thinking about? Clothes...I need new workout clothes.

Woodward Park

Buying workout clothes can get very expensive. Wouldn't we all just love to have that workout wardrobe that you see in magazines? The clothes with the bright colors and the brand names we see in stores? Unfortunately I am a girl on a budget so this fantasy is going to stay a fantasy. And since I am constantly going through workout clothes, this gets costly. I have purchased some name brands but usually when on sale. My favorite brands are Under Armour and Nike. They offer a great variety of dry-fit clothing, compression tights, shorts and sport bras but I do not love the price. A good pair of pants can start off at $70 and a good shirt can run anywhere from $30-50. I usually wait until these brands go on sale to purchase them or shop at outlets. Some name brands can also be found on Zulily for much cheaper than sports stores. 

So where can you shop for clothes without cutting into your retirement money? Well there are four stores that come to mind:
Ross and Marshalls are really hit or miss. I have been able to get really great Under Armour gear for substantially less.  As their slogan says, "Name Brands for Less." Not only do they carry active wear, but they also sell accessories. Anything from yoga mats, weights, sports bottles, belts, etc. can be found at both stores. The selection varies from store to store and if you find something you like, purchase it! There are no guarantees it will be back if you come at a later time.
Old Navy carries its own line of clothing that has been recently revamped. My college friend actually works for the main headquarters and she and her team have put a lot of time and effort to offer good affordable workout clothes. They offer bright colors and almost always have sales. If you also ever shop Old Navy they offer numerous coupons throughout the year. 

Target carries Champion clothing. While they carry a much bigger selection than Old Navy, they don't always put their clothes on sale.  Okay correction, they do place them on sale but not always the stuff I want. They do however offer a wide variety of sports bras anything from bras for yoga to heavy impact for running.  Target sports bras are much cheaper than even Ross sometimes. I have purchased some of their sports bras but will say my favorite sports bra is from Victoria's Secret. They base their sizes on your bust size and offer extra lining. Last thing you want to do at the gym is start showing your goods for all to see. These bras can be pricey though. I wait for coupons from Victoria's Secret before purchasing. Always change your bras when you notice the elasticity wear out. Do "the tug test." Gently tug the elastic straps and band. If you don't feel any resistance, buy a new bra.

Clothes can really be purchased anywhere. My recommendation is to buy for what you are training. I run a lot so during the summer I have to purchase more dry-fit apparel due to the constant heat. I also purchase more compression pants during the winter for two reasons. They help with recovery and keep me warm. Sweat is inevitable with hard workouts. Try to lay your clothes to dry before washing. This reduces the moldy smell that can sometimes come with workout clothes. Now there are some detergents that are meant for this. They advertise that they take the smell away. Just follow my recommendations and you won't have to use a different detergent for your workout clothes.
Old Navy


So where do you purchase your workout clothes? I am always looking for a bargain.


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