Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Shenanigans

My Saturday started off with a horrible run. Felt absolutely nauseous and super lethargic.  Couldn't shake it off and at one point I really thought I was going to vomit. I blame it on my stupid flu shot I got yesterday at work.  Flu shots are mandatory at my hospital and every year I take it I just feel crummy afterwards. On top of having arm pain from the injection site, if I don't get ibuprofen afterwards I am doomed. At least I was still able to get six miles in...slowly.

Afterwards my husband and I walked our fury babies for two miles. Before we knew it we were starting to get "hangry."  We hadn't eaten out in quite awhile so we decided to treat ourselves to a new place. My co-worker had recommended a new place in the Fig Garden Village. Super trendy and very hipster...Jack's Urban Eats.

It's kind of like Chipotle in which you go up to the counter and order either a sandwich or a salad. They actually have great healthy options to choose from. I was craving a sandwich so I ordered the Turkey Club and a salad instead of the fries that comes with it.  I only ate half of my sandwich just to watch my portions. 

My husband on the other hand went a little overboard. He ordered the tri-tip with mashed potatoes and corn. On top of that he ordered some garlic fries. Mind you he ordered the "small" size. I would hate to see what the "family size" looks like. This place does rave about their garlic fries.  I'll admit it...I tried them and they are delicious. Definitely a splurge on my husband's part because he was so full from just his plate alone that he didn't even finish the fries. 

Overall I was pretty impressed. Pricing was around $8-$15 per plate. Sides are extra and drinks as well. Our grand total was approximately $30. Customer service was really good. They greeted us as we walked in and explained their menu to us. It was nice to try this new restaurant.  Would highly recommend if you are looking to try something new.

Afterwards we decided to walk around the shopping center to let the food settle. Stopped at Starbucks and got some refreshments.  My husband was away all week on business so it was nice to just sit and catch up. We both have pretty busy schedules but we still make time for little one on one time.  


While walking around we ran into an expo...not just any expo a Gluten Free and Wellness Expo sponsored by Whole Foods.  It was located in the parking lot in front of Whole Foods.

It was a small cute little expo that had everything from food, soaps, teas, coffee, etc.  I really wanted to get organic honey but I had no cash on me. The samples that we did try were pretty good especially the cookies. There was this Indoor Rock Climbing/Fitness Gym booth and my husband I scored a two person day pass for free! I was pretty excited since I had been wanting to try it out lately. Can't wait to book this...great way to cross train!

Tonight for dinner I am trying a new recipe so check back for the recipe! Hope everyone is having a great Saturday.

Did you try a new place this weekend?
Do you ever get sick from the flu shot?

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