Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sprint Interval Training

This morning I continued with my treadmill workouts. Today I decided I wanted to do some sprints. I hate to do sprints, but I wanted a challenge. I started with a light jog at 6.5mph for 5 minutes. Always remember to warm-up especially before sprinting. Last thing you want is to pull a muscle during your workout. 

5 minute warm-up at 6.5mph

Sprint Interval Training

  • Start with a 5 minute warm-up. Run at your own comfortable pace. 
  • 60 seconds at 7mph
  • 60 seconds at 5mph
  • 60 seconds at 8mph
  • 60 seconds at 4mph
  • 60 seconds at 9mph
  • 60 seconds at 4mph
  • 60 seconds at 10mph
  • 60 seconds at 4mph
  • Repeat entire sprint sequence

At the end

This workout will get your legs feeling like lead at the end. It's fast and gets straight to the point.  You will be looking forward to the end of that minute! Doing sprints helps with decreasing time on your pace.  So don't be scared to incorporate sprints in your training.

Happy Running!

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