Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Reflections

Anyone else go for a run this morning? My views were just so stunning. I got the opportunity to run with my running partner today. We ran about 5 miles...don't really know because I didn't wear my Garmin watch. Some of my best runs have been without my watch. I get to enjoy every step without constantly looking at my wrist to see what my pace is. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love my watch but it is refreshing to run without it. Honestly I knew my run was going to be awesome from the moment I saw the sunrise...breathtaking.

And of course my post run views were filled with more clouds! Natural beauty at its finest...

Anyone else have this song stuck in their head? I hear it everywhere and it is just so catchy!
 I literally find myself dancing whenever I hear this song!

Okay so enough random rants...time for Sunday Reflections. I think overall I did really well this week. I exceeded in most areas but still need work on a few others. How did you do? Here is my weekly check-in:

  1. Running: Well last week I was short about 1/2 mile. This week I made up for it plus some! I really was in a running groove. I almost even considered signing up for one more race, but quickly talked myself out of it. As of right now my next race will be in January...nothing sooner. 
  2. H2O: I realized this week that I am better at keeping track of my water intake when I am at work. When I am at home I kind of lose myself in projects, cleaning, blogging, etc. So next week I have to take time to drink more water at home.
  3. New Recipe: This week I tried two new recipes: Slow Cooker Pineapple Chicken Verde and Banana Chocolate Protein Pancakes. The chicken recipe was super easy and healthy. Definitely will keep using this recipe. The protein pancake recipe was okay but I am searching for new ones to try. I think it was just a different texture that I need to get used to. I want to really master these so I don't feel guilty when eating pancakes.
  4. Sleep: Better than last week. Learning to really listen to my body. When I get home from work I have a usual routine, but on my days off I seem to go to sleep later than usual. It would be fine if I could sleep in, but I don't. 
  5. Treadmill Workout: Well this week I shocked myself by choosing a sprint workout. First of all I hate sprints! But for some reason my body really wanted to try this one out. End result: I really enjoyed it...I mean I really got a good workout out of it. Who honestly loves sprints??? If you do then you are crazy and lying.

Let the new week begin! Almost half way done with September!

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