Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Reflections

I woke up to the wonderful sound of rain! I was so excited since we are in a drought. Every little bit helps us out.  I got a text early in the morning from my running partner asking if we were still going running. Of course I said yes! Running in the rain is my absolute favorite.  It was pouring for the first 1.5 miles but after that it was just nice and cool. 

The trail was pretty much empty at the beginning. Everyone was probably snuggled under their blankets. So we took advantage of running by ourselves.

I couldn't help but take many pictures. I forgot my Garmin, but my run felt amazing.  I pretty much kept my normal pace, but not having the sun and heat made a huge difference. Even my running partner thanked me for pushing her to get up and go run!

By the time we were done running our 6 miles at Woodward Park, we noticed the clouds were parting and the sun was starting to peak through. Luckily we were able to get our miles in when it was still cool.  Even though it was cold outside, while I was running I was still burning up. Wanted to rip my long sleeves off! 

So then I took a selfie, because well...why not?

So how was your week? Mine was quite busy since my husband was out of town for the majority of the week. I also had to work a lot so my fur babies were pretty neglected. Felt bad about that..but they still love me so all is good in the world. Now for my Sunday Reflections:

  • Running: I am happy to report I have surpassed my weekly goal again. I am almost positive that I have exceeded my monthly goal too.  Still have a few more days to go for this month, but it is nice to know I have met this goal.
  • H2O: Not even having a problem with this one anymore. I am carrying a water bottle with me at all times and remembering to hydrate.  I am still short in my water intake for today but I still have a few more hours to go.
  • Recipe: I absolutely loved trying out my new recipe.  I love quinoa so coming up with this casserole dish was amazing.  Even my husband enjoyed my Quinoa Black Bean Enchilada Casserole! It is filled with veggies and protein loaded!
  • Sleep: Every single day this week I got my seven hours! It felt amazing. What a difference an extra hour of sleep makes.
  • Treadmill Workout: I had a good workout with my Hill/Sprint Interval Circuit. Definitely got my heart pumping and I broke a serious sweat. Starting to really enjoy running on the treadmill when I do these sort of circuits.

The month is almost over, so it is time to start thinking of new goals to achieve for the next month. I am happy fall is slowly starting to creep in. Looking forward to scarves, boots, cooler weather, and warm tea! 

How was your weekend?
Try any new recipes?

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