Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The 10 Things People Don't Tell You About Running

  1. UNDERWEAR IS OPTIONAL. Kinda gross but true. If you frequently wear shorts/tights with moisture-wicking capabilities, then underwear is not necessary. Thankfully the latest styles in fitness apparel have built in panties made from wicking antibacterial fabric. Whatever you decide, just make sure it's comfortable for you.
  2. THE BOWEL MOVEMENTS. Never thought I would talk about my bowel movements as much as I do now that I run.  Gross I know but only runners understand this.  
  3. THE CHAFING.  Constant friction equals painful chafing for runners. Any chafing is painful but you start to chafe in some of the most odd body parts while running: nipples, inner thighs, armpits, under your boobs, etc. I have funky scars in some of these spots because of the constant chafing. The worst feeling is when you take a shower after a long run and you have been chafing. Man does it sting! 
  4. THE SNOT ROCKETS. I used to be disgusted when I would see runners do this. Sad to say I am one of these people now. 
  5. YOUR FEET BECOME GROSS. I can't even count how many toenails I've lost throughout the years. I currently have one black toenail in the brink of falling. It just happens. And I was definitely not told about the many painful bloody blisters I would be getting from my long runs.  So many calluses and dead skin...my feet are just gross.
  6. THE SMELLY CLOTHES.  As soon as I started running, I started sweating so much. My clothes started to have such a funky smell even after multiple washes.  It's inevitable.
  7. RELATIONSHIPS CHANGE. I feel like I am in a relationship with running and my husband. Running takes up so much of my time. Some weeks I spend more time with running than I do with my husband. The same happened with my friendships. They are either supportive and understanding or not. 
  8. THE HUNGER. I am seriously hungry ALL THE TIME! I constantly snack throughout the day. I really try to eat as healthy as possible but after long runs I like to reward myself with some of my favorite meals and desserts. 
  9. THE RUNNING COSTS. It starts off with just running shoes. Then you buy the proper clothing. Then you have to get the accessories that go with running. Then you start paying for race entries. All these things add up especially if you do a race out of town.  Add on hotel costs and meals to that running tab and you have a pricey hobby. 
  10. THE OBSESSION.  When training for a race even when you're not running, you're thinking about running. You are thinking of running when you are recovering from a run or when cross training. It is all consuming. I'll admit it, I have become obsessed with running.  I mean it got me to start this blog!

I love running and all of the gross things that it comes with.  Even if I had know all the things that come with running, I still would have started to run.  It is my stress reliever, my zen time, my "me" time.  It has helped me lose weight throughout the years and make great friends.  The good certainly outweighs the bad in my opinion.  It isn't for everyone but for me it is one of the greatest hobbies I have ever picked up. It is turning into a borderline obsession but that is beside the point!

What have you learned about running?


  1. Oh wow...these are all SO true!!! #runnerproblems for sure. But I wouldn't have it any other way!!! :)