Thursday, September 25, 2014

Top Tips for Slimming Down!

Did you have too much fun this past weekend and got off track with your workout routine? Or has it been awhile since you stepped into the gym and afraid of your scale?  We've all been there. What was supposed to be one "cheat day" turns into weeks, months, even years.  The longer its been the harder it seems to get back on track.  Honestly the biggest step is realizing you want to become healthy again.  A few of my co-workers are even having a Biggest Loser competition to get back on track. Their final weigh-in date is New Year's Day.  I think it's awesome they are making an effort to not only loose weight but to also feel better about themselves.  Here are some tips to help you see results within the first few weeks.

  1. Organize your life and make yourself accountable.  I have already shared my love for organization. I have my handy dandy planner that helps me track my workouts and keeps me sane. My life revolves around this planner.  A great online source is MyFItnessPal. You can track meals and exercises in this website.
  2. Be patient. Losing weight doesn't come easy for some people. One workout won't make you loose 50 pounds. It takes time.
  3. Cut your sugar intake. Plain and more sweets. If you absolutely must or have pretty bad cravings consume no more than 15 grams a day and stay away from artificial sweeteners.
  4. Watch your eating portions.  Most people eat way over what they are supposed to. Portion control is particularly harder when eating out. Just because you order a salad doesn't make it healthy if the salad comes in a mountain size with heavy dressing. 
  5. Eat the rainbow.  Eat all your veggies and fresh fruits. Enjoy them as snacks but make sure you integrate some with every meal.
  6. Refrain from alcoholic beverages. Yep you read right. Lay off the booze in order to see results.  Alcohol is just empty calories that make you bloat and feel crummy the next morning. 
  7. Aim to exercise daily. Now this doesn't mean run 10 miles everyday. 30 minutes of any physical activity that makes you break out a sweat is plenty.  Be creative. Do what you love. It will get you going and will keep you motivated. Try hiking, spin class, rock climbing, roller blading, cycling, etc.
  8. Clean out your fridge. Toss away any food that is going to deter you from reaching your goal. This one is going to be tough if you recently bought groceries, but in the end your health comes first. DO NOT grocery shop when hungry...this is always a bad idea. You will come home with more processed junk food than you should every consume.
  9. Weight lift. This concept is hard for many but like I said in a previous post, weight lifting is the best way to burn fat. You won't get bulky! 

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