Friday, October 10, 2014

Fueling for Runs: My Top 5

Beyond excited that it is Friday once again! Even more excited that I don't have to work at the hospital this weekend. I feel almost "normal." Working three straight 12.5 hour shifts can get extremely tiresome. The things you do to bring home that cheddar.

So on Fridays Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC does this thing called Friday Five Link Up. She offers other bloggers the opportunity to share their posts and get to know each other. Each Friday they have different topics to write about. Today's topic is 5 Favorite Fuels for a Run. It's been something I have actually been meaning to write about so I figured I'd join in on the fun!

  • GU Gels: Probably my absolutely favorite go-to food for my runs! I will say though that when I first started running I hated them. Now I don't leave my house without them. I find them in the most random spots around my house too: the pantry, my water container, different rooms, gym bag, my purse...the list goes on. My favorite is the salted watermelon and tri-berry. If buying in bulk highly recommend buying from Amazon.

  • Bananas: Cramping up? Eat a banana.  All runners will tell you how great bananas are for you.  Most eat them after runs or workouts, but when I used to do marathons I would eat one half way through my race to prevent the cramps from coming. Honestly you can eat them before, during, and after your run.  Research has also shown that eating two bananas can provide enough energy for 90 minutes of strenuous activity. That's why bananas are the fruit of choice for the majority of runners. 

  • Pretzels: Funny thing is I never eat these just to snack on. I only eat them during my runs. Pretzels are a low-calorie carbohydrate treat. Even the salty kinds are okay for runners who don’t have high blood pressure, as they’ll help you replace the sodium you lose through sweating. 

  • Cliff Shot Bloks: I first started off with these as a new runner so they kind of hold a special place in my heart. I recommend these for a half marathon but eating too many of these can really upset your stomach. It may make you run find a bathroom though!

  • Granola: Some people like granola bars but I am fan of plain ol' granola. Easy to go food filled with different nutrients to keep you going. Best thing of all is that you can pick what ingredients you want in your granola. There are so many recipes out there it is always hard for me to pick just one. Right now I am eating a bulk bag of granola from Costco. It's apparently "organic." Hah!

Hope this helps. 
Every runner is different, but these are my favorite.
 Find what works for you. 

What do you eat to fuel your run?


  1. I am a cereal gal. Special K Protein Plus and Shredded Wheat are the two cereals that fill me up just enough to fuel my run but not make me feel full. Oatmeal used to do the trick for me but not anymore. I am hungry 20 minutes after eating that stuff.

  2. Milk in the morning before my run and I don't mix well. I figured that out the hard way!