Sunday, October 26, 2014

When Life Gets In The Way...

I have made it no surprise that I have had a rough week. As a matter of fact it's been a pretty tough month. I've been under a lot of personal stress and going through an emotional roller coaster. I hate when life gets in the way of my happiness. Not only does it effect my sleeping pattern, eating habits, but also my workout regime (or lack of). 

It has been almost a week since the last time I've set foot in the gym.  And to be honest my body has been so tired that I haven't missed it. Well that is not true. But I am going to keep telling myself that so I feel better about this whole situation. In regards to my eating habits...well I would much rather not discuss all the processed food I had this past week. This past week happened to be Respiratory Care Practitioner Week so there was junk food galore for us every single day at work. Oh and the sleeping? Yeah I am not getting good sleep. Suffering from insomnia some nights and waking up with massive headaches. 

I've been debating sharing my personal trials on my blog but currently I've decided to just ask for prayers. I know some of you may be going through the same things I am going through but I always thought this blog would only be about living a healthy lifestyle, my travels, and my love for running. Who knows though. I may wake up tomorrow and blurt everything out. I think I have been just keeping everything inside so I am not really processing everything. 

Today I ran across a blog post from Marc And Angel Hack Life. It listed great reminders for when you are having a bad day. Here are some of my favorite reminders that really hit home:

  • You are not a victim.
  • You still have many blessings that you can make count.
  • You can learn something important from any situation, if you want to.
  • The right attitude is the one thing you need right now.
  • Because of today’s pain, you can feel the tenderness, beauty and freedom of healing.

Sometimes when life gets tough you just start to think that everyone is out to get you. Nothing seems to get better and everything pretty much seems to turn to sh*t.  What I hate the most when this happens to me is how it just completely derails me. I am just off. I am sluggish, moody, and pretty much at my worst. 

Tomorrow is a new day. Going to breathe and soak in all the wonderful blessings I have in this life and pull through. I am hoping going back to the gym tomorrow morning will get me back to my normal routine. Right now I just miss the old me. I think she is pretty awesome so I hope she comes back soon. :)

How do you handle stress?


  1. WOW! Your words hit home with me. I am that roller coaster too it seems. Thank you!

  2. Your welcome...hope things get better soon!

  3. I have a problem with extreme anxiety. I used to stress about events that may or may not occur far into the future. Every small bump in life would make me feel like everything was falling apart. Staying active helps keep this in check. But when I am stressed, I dive into the fridge with a force to be reckoned with. Sweets in particular are my favorite. I've had really bad eating habits this week, too. Last night I had a queso appetizer and followed that up with a bowl of coco pebbles in chocolate milk. Never too late for a fresh start! Hope things get better.

    1. I suffered from bad anxiety as a college student and hello Freshman 30! I just ate my way through college!