Sunday, November 16, 2014

Carlsbad Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 1

Happy Sunday! I've been m.i.a. for a few days since I have been busy with work and helping throw a baby shower. You can check out my pictures from the baby shower on my Instagram account or check back in a few days. I'll be doing a post on it later this week.

Anyways back to my running adventures. So I finished off the first week of my half marathon training and I must say it is going along smoothly. Okay I may have taken a few days off at the end of the week but that was because I was listening to my body (well more like my feet). I got back into it today though and am looking forward to week 2!

  • Sunday: Stretched in preparation for the week (a.k.a. was too tired after my work shift to do anything). 
  • Monday: Ran 5 miles out in the park. Ran slow with my running partner. I picked up towards the end of the run but my average pace was still around 9:30.

  • Tuesday: Ran 3 miles at the gym after a night shift. First mile was an easy run at 6.5 speed. The last two miles I did some speed work. I alternated between a 6.0 speed and 8.0 speed alternating every minute. 
  • Wednesday: Ran 5.25 miles at the park with my running partner. My legs were a bit sore from my Tuesday workout so I kept an easy pace at the park with my running partner. I also ran in my new vest my husband got me for our anniversary. It was perfect! Wasn't too heavy so I didn't overheat.
  • Thursday: Rest day
  • Friday: Rest day
  • Saturday: Over slept so wasn't able to get a run in before setting up for the baby shower. Oops!

Tomorrow I have a follow up appointment with my podiatrist. I have a few questions about my orthotics and continued heel pain. I am hoping the swelling is at least a bit less than when I first went but who knows.  I am really trying to listen to my body during my training and not over due it. I am constantly on my feet for either work or running so not surprised I am still having some heel pain. On a plus side though, my husband gives great foot massages. He hates doing it but loves me so much that he still does them. 

It has been gloomy all day over here so I made my Chicken Enchilada Soup. Perfect for this type of weather. Hope you continue having a great Sunday!

Did you have a race this weekend?
What is your favorite kind of soup?

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  1. Mmm chicken enchilada soup sounds fabulous with it being so cold out! Way to go on all your runs!

    And random but I’d love if you shared this post on my new Weekend Snapshots link up. The link-up just went live today!