Monday, November 10, 2014

Half Marathon Training Starts Today!

Happy Monday! The majority of you finished up your weekend yesterday and are getting ready to head back to work today. I am doing the opposite. I worked the last three days and am excited to have a few days off. 12.5 hour shifts can be a bit draining but I do love my job. I work with amazing people with such huge hearts. 

I am extremely excited about this upcoming week. Not only do I officially start training for my upcoming half marathon but Tuesday happens to be my two year wedding anniversary. Also next Saturday I am helping host a baby shower for an amazing couple. We have friends coming from all over to help celebrate the upcoming birth of our friend's set of twins. Yes this week is going to be awesome!

Now back to the half marathon training...

My next race is the Carlsbad Half Marathon. I absolutely love this course and have ran it numerous times since 2006. I think I've only missed it once due to back pain. Anyways this course happens to be in my home town so my parents are able to go and cheer me on. I love having them there at the half way point. Lately the last few years my husband has even ran the last few miles with me.

The course is relatively flat and has great views! Who wouldn't want to run a race with stunning ocean views for the majority of the course.  And for those people that love running full marathons, they also offer a beautiful 26.2 mile course. I would highly recommend this race for any and all runners in the San Diego area.

My Training:

Today starts the beginning of a 10 week training program. Most plans don't really work for me due to my work schedule so I modify them. I am really excited to have a running regime again. Here are the top areas I am going to focus on in order to run the best race I can:
  • Keep to a schedule
  • Stretch as much as possible
  • Cross-train
  • Ice baths as needed
  • Speed Work
  • Have fun!
Throughout these upcoming weeks I'll be posting all of my training, my setbacks (there will always be setbacks), and more tips for training for a race. Hope everyone has a splendid Monday. I am off to get a good run in with my running partner. And for those that fell off the workout wagon this past week I'll leave you with a little message for Monday motivation:

Who has a race coming up?
What training plan do you follow?

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