Sunday, December 7, 2014

Carlsbad Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 4

I wish I could say that I accomplished everything I wanted to in my training this week. I wish I could say that my plantar fasciitis pain completely went away. I also wish I could say that I am still extremely motivated for my upcoming race. Unfortunately all I can really say is that I accomplished an 8 mile run, haven't been able to run since, and that I am getting discouraged.  This week kind of just overall sucked in the training department.

I am trying to stay motivated, but it is getting harder with seeing no real results in my recovery time for these feet of mine. I feel like I am trying everything to speed up this process, but no results. Ultrasounds, taping, light therapy, cortisol shots, cortisol patches, massage, stretching, and even orthotics are being used but the pain hasn't gotten better. At least the pain hasn't gotten worse. I think that is the only silver lining. The funny thing is that I feel no pain while I run. Actually my feet feel fabulous! It's when I am at work that I get a shooting pain in my heels and arches. I've tried changing shoes and it helps for a few hours but then the pain creeps back up.

So this week after my 8 mile run I decided to keep it easy and only cross train. Of course all that free time from working out made me incredibly unhappy with my training. I realized I was losing excitement for this upcoming race. It's funny how your mind jumps around. Just last week I was hopeful that everything was getting better. This week around I feel like I shouldn't even train.  So far the physical therapists hasn't advised me from doing this race.  He honestly thinks it's work that is doing this to my feet instead of my running. Well I can't quit my job so don't really know what the solution is.

SUNDAY: I ran 8 miles. It was absolutely beautiful! I was able to watch the sunrise and actually got a pretty good time. I used my compression pants, so my legs felt great even the next day!


MONDAY: I decided to cross-train and take a one hour spin class. Even though I run I was out of shape for this class. I was sweating like crazy and huffing and puffing during hills and sprints! 

TUESDAY: Ran 3 quick miles at the gym. I had a class at work all day but I made myself go to the gym afterwards. I also got in some sauna time and did some serious stretching.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY/FRIDAY/SATURDAY: Yeah I did no running or cross-training. I was supposed to run 9 miles on Thursday but I just couldn't. My feet were throbbing after just one day of work. I had to do physical therapy two days this week to help out with the pain. I have also been massaging my feet at home and when I have time at work. 

I am supposed to fit in 9 miles tomorrow morning before I head out of town for a conference in Vegas. Traveling and training are always difficult for me but I have no choice but to suck it up and do it.  At least the hotel will have a gym so I am foreseeing some hill sprints and interval treadmill workouts in my upcoming week. 

I know I have to have a better attitude about this plantar fasciitis ordeal. It is going to be a process and as long as there is a game plan then I should not get discouraged. I understand it will be a slow process so I have to keep an open mind about my training. Originally I was hoping to break 2 hours for this race but now I am realizing that I'll be happy just finishing the race pain free.

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  1. Good luck Daisy! I hope it works out for you, and you can run. One thing I have had to remember a couple of times is that running is for life, and you need to be strong and healthy for the long run. If you miss one race, there will be another. It may be disappointing not to run, but you will run again, and better if you're pain free :)

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and advice! I know I have to stay positive but it is getting frustrating. But you are right there will always be another race!