Saturday, December 20, 2014

Carlsbad Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 6

Over half way done! Most importantly the daunting fact that my race is coming up finally set in.  I can't believe the time is really winding down now.  I look forward to this race every year for two reasons: It's close to home so I can spend time with family and the beautiful scenery during the course.  Those are the two main reasons I have been running this race every year since...gosh I can't really remember when I started. It is just such a great race that I keep coming back for more. 

This week I really tried to focus on my long run.  I was actually able to get two long runs, some cross training, and some weight lifting. I used to lift a lot more but during the last six weeks I really haven't incorporated them into my training until this week.I didn't do any sprints like I had hoped but I figured it evened out since I did those two long runs.  The 10 miles long run really tested me mentally. I hate runs when I psyche myself out. I am hoping that next week it gets better.


SUNDAY: I was out of town for a friend's birthday party but still managed to get in an 8 mile run. Originally I was going to make Sunday my 10 mile run but when I got to 4 miles I knew I just couldn't. So I really tried to improve my time for my 8 mile run instead. End result was an improvement in my pace. 

MONDAY: It was raining after work so I wasn't able to get a quick run with my Kona, so ended up being a rest day. Much appreciated after running 8 miles the day prior.

TUESDAY: I went to the gym thinking there was a spin class but unfortunately there wasn't. Instead I did 2 miles on the treadmill and then did some weight lifting. I hadn't worked on my legs for a while so I decided to tackle that.

WEDNESDAY: Long run: 10 miles. This run was really tough for me. I was just not mentally prepared for this run. I had to really push myself from the second I left my house. I even debated about doing sprints or hills instead. In the end I was really happy I finished. My pace wasn't at my goal pace but still better than what I thought I was running. 

THURSDAY: 5:30 AM Spin Class. It actually felt really good to shake my legs out after my long run. What I really didn't like was waking up early for this class, but the instructor had great music that really woke me up. I had never taken one of his classes but he was great. I highly recommend spin class for cross training. They are amazing!

FRIDAY: More weightlifting...all around quick workout before work. I tackled each major muscle group. I opted not to do any running just because I wanted to rest my feet. I've really tried to listen to my body and I'll admit it has been helping with my plantar fasciitis.



  • One hill interval workout
  • One sprint interval workout
  • A fun run
  • One Spin class
  • Continue with weight training  

Since I am really starting to increase my mileage I have to be really careful. I tend to always get sick around week 8 of training. My immune system just seems to shut down. So this time around I really have to keep myself in check and not over due it. I am going to really try to get my rest, keep hydrated, and eat healthy during these last few weeks of training. 

Did you have a race this past weekend?
What was your favorite workout this past week?

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