Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fitness Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Less Than $20

I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner...next week to be exact! How many people haven't even started?  Luckily I just need two more people and they are kids so I feel like I am coasting to the finish line. A few people have asked me what to get their fitness craved friend. Honestly there are so many options that they would love.  If you have a friend who is all about fitness these ideas are great for them. The best part is that they are affordable so you won't feel like you are breaking the bank. Here are just a few items to give you an idea of what to get them:
This is great for holding your personal belongings while out on a run or even the gym.

Who wants calloused hands when weight lifting? This is perfect for the gym rat in your life.

Great for keeping the fly aways during a workout...plus they are cute!

With winter here, running headbands are great for keeping your head and ears warm.

A super cute water bottle to take to the gym/work is always a hit for any fitness guru.

Who doesn't love receiving clothes for Christmas?

My absolute favorite flavor! Perfect stocking stuffer


This stuff is amazing! It is perfect for any athlete suffering from or preventing injury.


Unfortunately chafing is a part of running. This gift is perfect for the long distance runner in your life.


Books are great gifts. Find a book that will motivate the athlete in your life.

Every runner should own one of these. Probably won't fit in the stocking though.


This water bottle is perfect for training. It's small, handheld and most importantly cute.

Can you think of other affordable
 stocking stuffer ideas?

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  1. I've had my eye on SPIbelt - I might have to buy it as a Christmas present for myself :) And some weight training gloves! I have very unlady-like calluses going on at the moment. I love me a logo tshirt, but I can never choose which one is exactly me. These are all great ideas Daisy - thanks!

    1. Glad you liked them. I do love my SPIbelt but don't be like me and loose your credit card and license because you kept taking your phone out! lol

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