Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year's!! Was it just me or was I the only one that really wanted 2015 to begin? Last year was a bit tough. I started 2014 thinking it was going to be "my year." wasn't. It wasn't even close. It was filled with tears, personal hardships, and overwhelming family news. I'm starting 2015 with a clean slate and I am looking forward to starting over.

I spent New Year's Eve at my abuelita's house. It was great to see aunts, cousins, uncles, and of course my abuelita. Unfortunately she didn't recognize me...stupid Alzheimers! While we were there we did a rosary in memory of my abuelito. I was kind of in a funk all night and it was because I really missed him. I even cried a little during prayer. It just isn't the same with him not there. My family rung in the new year with good food, dancing, games, laughter, some tears, and over all great memories.

I've been thinking real hard the past week what my resolutions (or more like goals) for 2015 will be and this is what I've come up with:

Personal Goals:
1. More date nights with my husband.
2. Be better with my budget.
3. Spend more time with family.
4. Be open to change
5. Don't sweat the small stuff!

Running Goals:
1. Get a PR.
2. Work on speed!
3. Travel out of state for a race.
4. Run 7 half marathons pain free.
5. Incorporate more 5Ks in my training.

Travel Goals:
1. Visit Big Sur.
2. Visit friends in East Coast.
3. Travel to one international country.
4. Go to the snow.
5. Do more day/weekend trips in CA.

So I'm ready for the new year to begin!
Are you?

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  1. Great goals! I'm definitely so ready for 2015 to begin... I love "don't sweat the small stuff" that is something I always need to work on!

  2. Happy New Year! Great goals....I love Big Sur :)