Thursday, January 29, 2015

Friday Five: 5 Favorite Indoor Workouts

Happy Friday everyone! I am beyond excited this week is almost over. I have a lot going on, work is incredibly busy, so I am in desperate need of some fun and relaxation. And what a perfect time since the Super Bowl is this coming weekend. Anyways today I am linking up with Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC,  Mar from Mar On The Run, and Cynthia from You Signed Up For What? Today's topic: 5 favorite indoor workouts.

SPIN CLASS: I love this class! For me it has been the best class to cross train during my half marathon training. Not only is it easy on my knees but it does not hurt my feet. I break a great sweat and come out feeling great. Highly recommend everyone to at least try it once. I got hooked after one class!

ZUMBA: If you love to dance then this is the class for you! I was pretty hesitant in trying this class out. Mostly because I was scared of looking like an idiot by not knowing any of the moves. Honestly I still don't know all the moves but the class I go to is high energy and no one judges you if you don't know the moves. There are times I just jump up and down until I catch up. haha!

INSANITY: Insanity is well...INSANE!! It is a high intensity 60 day workout program. I really enjoy it because it works muscles I didn't know I used! I've done the whole cycle twice and have seen great results both times. Now I just pick any workout and hop to it. Best part about Insanity is that no extra equipment is needed and you get to do it in the comfort of your own home.

BOSU BALL: I barely started using the bosu ball this past year but now I look for it every time I am at the gym. I have been able to get some really good workouts with it. My favorite are squats and planks. I am hoping to buy one this year to have in the house instead of heading to the gym to use it. 

KETTLE BELLS: I really like a good kettle bell workout when the barbells are all in use. Most people don't really know you can really get a full workout with them. Right now since the gym is still pretty packed from new year's resolutions, I just go to these because it is easier than waiting for free weights and barbells. I still get a great workout and I can use whatever kettle bell I want. 

What are your favorite indoor workouts?

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Guess What? I Am Now A Sweat Pink Ambassador!

This week I received an awesome email saying, "Welcome to the #sweatpink community!" I have been accepted to be a #SweatPink Ambassador. Now some of you may be thinking, "Who cares?" or "What does that mean?" This is what it means to be an Ambassador:

"The Sweat Pink Ambassador community is a place for enthusiastic, positive, inspirational people to connect and support each other in reaching their goals around health, fitness, life... and more. It's a place where we come together and celebrate what we have and reach for even more. It's a place where new friendships spark and running buddies find each other; where you'll always find a cheerleader or a word of advice."

To me, this is such a huge accomplishment because it means that others see the passion I have for living a fit and healthy lifestyle. I know we live in a pretty cruel world where women tend to criticize not only themselves but other women as well. I take a different approach and really try to encourage and motivate who ever wants to make a healthy and positive lifestyle change.  If you have questions or need someone to talk to about your fitness goals then I am all ears.  Sometimes all it takes is to hear someone else cheering you on to keep you going. That's what I hope to be, the cheerleader for others. I'll be the first to admit that I am not a size 0. In fact I am still trying to loose the ten pounds that unexpectedly came out of nowhere last year. I know I have flaws but I am still out there doing the work to get to where I want to be. It all starts with the will and motivation and then you start seeing results. #NoExcuses

Honestly I can't picture my life any other way anymore. I love the feeling of getting a good workout in. I love going out for a run to clear my head. I love being able to lift more than I was able to from my last workout session. I love feeling that euphoria once I cross that finish life. I continue and keep going because I remember how my life was before and I don't want that for myself anymore. I was constantly tired, overweight, unhappy, and plain right miserable. I'm short so even the slightest weight gain is noticeable. After college I had gained 30 pounds and it wasn't pretty. Then I signed up for my first half marathon to motivate myself and the rest is history.

If you feel you have what it takes to be a #SweatPink Ambassador then I highly encourage you to apply. The community so far has welcomed me in and I am trilled for what's to come.

Are you a Sweat Pink Ambassador? 
Would love to hear from you :)
What motivates you to keep working out?
What can I do to be a better cheerleader for you?

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I am linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons

10 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes From Pinterest

The Super Bowl is right around the corner...this coming weekend to be exact. I am not a fan of either teams so I will be partaking in lots and lots of food consumption. Every year we spend Super Bowl weekend at our friend's place. They live about an hour and half south of where we live so we try to make a weekend out of it. My husband and I even take our bikes so we can go on a bike ride on Sunday morning before the festivities commence.

We have friends that come from all over California to spend the weekend and watch the game. That's right people from LA, Bay area friends, Sacramento friends, and of course Fresno peeps make the drive to Bakersfield, CA. Sometimes our friends from Hawaii make a trip to the mainland and join us. This weekend has become a yearly tradition that our group of friends look forward to. I can't wait!

So since I will be partaking in a lot of food consumption this weekend I thought I should at least look into healthy recipes to potentially make. Here are some that I have my eye on from Pinterest. Check them out. All links go directly to the recipe of a fellow blogger so go ahead, enjoy and share!

Are you excited for Super Bowl?
Or are you more about the commercials & half time show?
What recipes will you be making?

*If you have great recipes to share, comment with the link*

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Songs To Get You Moving During Your Workout!

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. I kind of took a break from the blog world for a few days and it felt nice. I am one week post race and ready to start training for my next one.  Pretty crazy but the next race is in a little over a month. I still don't know how people do races week after week! If my body could handle it though I would probably be doing them also. Last week I was still recovering and getting back into the swing of physical therapy again so not many workouts were done.

Since January is also almost over (one more week!), I thought I would share some good music to keep your workouts entertaining and keep those new year resolutions going! I need music in order to workout. Some people don't and are able to just go out there and run for miles and miles. I get bored and tired without music. The beat of the song can either push me to go faster or it slows me down so I am generally listening to very upbeat songs on my playlist. Here are some of the songs I am currently listening to that I am sure can get you going.

Pitbull, Neyo - Time Of Our Lives

Maroon 5 - Sugar

Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk

Maroon 5 - Animals

Fall Out Boy - Centuries

Ariana Grande ft Zedd - Break Free

Iggy Azalea- Bounce

2NEI- I am the best
Yeah I may not know any of the words but the tune is catchy!

Jessi J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang

Sheppard - Geronimo

Alesso ft. Tove Lo - Heroes (We Could Be)

Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne - Rather Be

What songs are on your playlist right now?
Are you still keeping up with your New Year's Resolutions?

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Next Race, Heavenly Half Marathon!

Now that I have had a few days to recover and relax following my race, it's time to start thinking of what my next race is scheduled to be. I am trying to save a few bucks this year by doing more local races. Some of them I haven't tried yet but my next races is one that I ran last year. It is actually only the second year this race has been put on so I feel kind of special to be apart of something so new. My next race is The Heavenly Half

The Heavenly Half is a small local race that is ran up in the mountains. Now when you think mountains all you can think of is hills right? Well this race is the complete opposite. It is pretty much a complete and total downhill race. The race is located in Auberry, California and will be on March 1, 2015. For those that are not familiar lets just say it is towards the armpit of California. It is actually really beautiful up there but since it is a small town it's not well known. 

This race is actually a part of a series of races, three races to be exact all brought to you by Sole 2 Soul. Now I have mentioned this store before because it happens to be where I get my shoes. They are simply amazing and great to work with. They bring in a lot of vendors, host weekly fun runs, and also bring on a series of races to get the local community active.

Since the race isn't that far away, I don't have that much time for training. I am going to really focus on speed work and train on some downhills. Last year I did really well. I actually thought my Garmin was off since my pace was super fast. I ended up getting 1:46 for this race. I think everyone that ran this race had a PR. I am trying to convince my husband to sign up but so far he hasnt. This race does sell out and as of a week ago they only had 300 spots left. 

There are perks for running local races:

1. THE COST: Running can get costly with travel expenses and race entry fees. Most local races are less than $100 and you don't have to pay for a hotel.
2. THE SWAG: I've been surprised at how much more stuff you get with local races. Maybe it's the local vendors that provide better deals but man it is impressive!
3.  THE COMMUNITY: It is an awesome feeling to have the local community cheer you on. It is especially great seeing how active everyone gets. It really brings a community together.

Do you run local races?
Any upcoming races?

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Delicious Banana Carrot Muffins!

It's been awhile since I had posted a new recipe on the blog. I had been really sticking to my usual meals but I am hoping to try a new recipe again each week. We went out of town this past weekend and my last banana went ripe. So I decided to bake something a bit on the healthier side that my husband and I could enjoy. I asked him what he wanted and his response was carrot banana muffins.

This muffin is great for an on-the-go breakfast or a snack. It contains healthier ingredients so you can eat one guilt free. The best part is that they are pretty easy to make and taste delicious. Most ingredients you will already have lying around in your kitchen.

The meal prep consists of just dividing your dry and wet ingredients separately. Pretty basic right? Once you have those done you combine all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl. At the last minute my husband said he wanted some walnuts so I added about 1/2 a cup to this recipe right before placing in the oven.  You could also add raisins for added texture as well.

Before I even started mixing ingredients I had preheated my oven to 375 degrees. By the time I was done combining all ingredients, the oven was ready to bake. I didn't have any muffin liners so I just used non-stick baking spray on my muffin tray so they wouldn't stick to the pan while baking. I filled mine to about 3/4 of the way and was able to make 12 muffins.

The end result were these really great moist muffins. Of course my husband tried them right away and said it was the perfect amount of sweetness he was craving. They aren't overbearingly sweet, but they still taste so good that you would want another one.

So if you find yourself with some ripe bananas, go ahead and try this recipe. I am sure you will love the fact that they are quick and easy and above all a healthier version of a muffin. The best part is that they still taste great and not like cardboard. Hope you enjoy!

What other recipes do you like to do with ripe bananas?

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Carlsbad Half Marathon Race Recap

Yesterday I ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon...the race I had been training for 10 weeks. I love this race because not only does it start off as the my first race of the year but the course is absolutely stunning. The course is relatively flat with about three hills. You run along the beautiful California coast for about 9 miles. At a little over mile 6 the race turns around and you just run back to the start.

We left my parents house at about 6am and headed to the race. The race was in Carlsbad and my parents live in El Cajon so it took about 45 minutes to get there since my mom drives a bit on the slower side. The race started at 7:45am so it still allowed for plenty of time to get there and stop by the restroom before the start. It always get super packed so my mother and hubby just dropped me off and headed to mile 6. They always cheer me on where the course turns around. 

When I first signed up for the race last year I had every intention to run the race in less than 2 hours so it placed me in Corral 3. Of course this was all before my plantar fasciitis kicked in. The day before race day my feet were killing me. On top of that I was getting over knee pain from a fall I suffered last week. Oh and yeah I was still recovering from getting sick last week too. Hot mess I tell ya! 

So when I got dropped off, the nerves started to sink in. All I wanted was to run the race pain free, but I just couldn't see that happening with everything going on. The thought of running 13.1 miles was starting to affect me. I wanted to try to enjoy the race as much as possible. Didn't want my first race of 2015 to be a downer.  So I told myself to run the race at an easy pace and if I needed to stop and walk for a bit that it would be okay.

During miles 1-4 I was doing surprisingly well. My pace was about 8:30 give or take 10 seconds. I felt good. No pain at all. I just kept listening to my body and it was telling me to keep going. Honestly I was just shocked I felt great. Of course I knew the hills were going to start and just as I suspected my pace dropped significantly as those suckers came. My legs were so tired at this point and all I kept thinking was when is it mile 6? I needed my cheering squad.

My mother didn't take the greatest pictures but I was just ecstatic to see her. When I did the turn around my husband started running with me and I couldn't be happier to have him with me. I needed him to push me to finish. My music never started to play during the entire race so I didn't have that extra push. I needed to have that extra push since it mentally helps me every time. 

At mile 8, my husband told me "Look at all the miles you've done already!" It was true...the miles were flying by at this point. I just couldn't believe I was over half way done and I had gotten a second wind.  I felt the blisters starting to form but my legs were fine. I knew that if I could just keep this pace up I could quite possibly get a sub 2 hour half marathon! The thought of that happening kept pushing me towards that finish line.

At mile 11 it was all down hill from there...literally. My legs were so happy to go downhill since the hills just about killed me. I gave it all I got and when I saw the 13 mile sign my husband went to the side and let me cross the finish line by myself.  I could hear him screaming on the side, "Go! Use your legs! Sprint!" I felt like I was sprinting but honestly I could barely pick up my legs. My arms were moving but that's about it.  And then just when I could barely go I hear my mother cheering me on! It was just what I needed as I crossed that finish line. I looked at my Garmin and was absolutely shocked to see my time.

Yep! I finished in less than 2 hours!!! With everything that I had going on I was so ecstatic to see a sub 2 hour time. It was a PR for this race course to top it off. For years I kept running around a 2:02-2:10 finish time, so it just made my day to see this time. 

The finish line sure was chaotic but it flowed well. I got my medal right away and then proceeded to get my goodies and meet my family. I was even happier my asthma didn't act up and didn't have to head over to the medical tent. 

I want to take the time to thank my mother and husband for cheering me on every time during this race. My mother always drives me there and meets me at the same location to cheer me on every time. Rain or shine I know I can count on her being there. Yeah her pictures are blurry but that is besides the point. And I especially want to thank my husband. He is my biggest supporter and I love the fact that he pushed me during this race. Without him I don't know if I could've gotten my time. I am also super proud of him since this is the most miles he has ran in a very long time. 

The race was amazing and I highly recommend others to run this one. It is a great race to start off your year and motivate you to keep going. Now the countdown begins. One race done, six more to go! Next one is March 1st, The Heavenly Half Marathon. So today I am just going to relax and plan my training for my next race. Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoy your Monday.

How was your weekend?
Did you race this weekend?

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Carlsbad Half Marathon Race Day!

Happy Sunday! Today was the day...Race Day! Even through all the injuries, a fall, and a nasty cold I survived and finished strong. I'll recap the race in full detail tomorrow, but for now just wanted to talk about the Carlsbad Marathon and Half Expo.

I went there on Saturday with my hubby and goddaughter. I love going to Expos mostly because of the free crap you can get. This one is especially nice because you can really see everything and isn't too jam packed with people. I've been to some Expos where there have been so many people that you get whiffs of B.O.. 

Getting my bib was pretty easy. I can never remember to print the email that has all my confirmation information, but they have everyone's bib number listed on a wall at the entrance. The best part of getting your bib is that they do two convenient things for runners. If you are not able to come to the Expo on Friday or Saturday they actually allow for a friend to pick it up for you. Some races don't do that. The second convenient thing they do is they allow for race day pick up, but for a $20 extra cost. 

As you walk into the Expo they have the Official Merchandise for sale. I usually walk straight through that. My experience at most races has been that official merchandise tends to be on the expensive side, so I just skip it.  I then pick up my gear bag and shirt towards the back of the Expo. 

I went there in search of a few specific things: compression socks, KT tape, a SpiBelt for my hubby, and maybe some new headbands to control the mop on top of my head. I was actually surprised that they didn't have any tape. I was hoping to tape my feet to alleviate my plantar fasciitis pain but instead I had to just do with some compression socks. I know you are never supposed to try new things on race day but I needed something for my foot pain. No headbands were purchased but my husband got his SpiBelt. He actually ran the last 6 miles with me. While at the Expo I tried just about every sample the booths had to offer. Like I said I like free stuff.

Afterwards I promised my hubby and goddaughter a trip to the beach. The weather was amazing, sunny and beautiful.  I absolutely love California winters...sorry east coast friends. 

Felt great having my feet in the sand and water. 

My goddaughter had a blast splashing around in the water.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

What I'm Packing For My Race

Hello Friday! Today I am linking up with Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC,  Mar from Mar On The Run, and Cynthia from You Signed Up For What? The topic is what is in your gym bag, but I decided to make mine on what I pack for my out of town races. 

It couldn't have come at the most perfect time since I am traveling today to San Diego for my first race of the year. I am super excited and super nervous about how it is going to go down, mostly because I am recovering from being sick, my feet hurt, and I just suffered a fall that messed up my knee. I am basically a hot mess. 

I have been planning for this race for 10 weeks but it took me half an hour to figure out what I was packing. I always forget something when I travel but I think this time I really have everything I am going to need for the race. There are a few things that I know I need but I am hoping to get them while at the Expo on Sunday. So here it is, all the things I pack for race day:

  • SHOES: Duh! I do like to take my sandals also so I can take off my shoes and relax afterwards. I couldn't find my real comfy ones but my Rainbow ones will do.
  • GARMIN/GARMIN CHARGER: I can't tell you how many times I have taken my Garmin but forgot the charger it so it was useless. 
  • EARPHONES: My choice of earphones are Yurbuds. They do the trick and stay in my ears. 
  • DEODORANT: No explanation there.
  • GU GELS: I have packed my favorite, Salted Watermelon. I tend to forget these all the time and usually end up buying them at the Expo.
  • SPIBELT: Love this little fanny pack! It stores my phone and also my GU gels 
  • CONTACTS/SUNGLASSES: My sunglasses don't have a prescription on them, hence I have to wear contacts. I don't like to wear contacts but I will only wear them on my races or long runs. I hate squinting during my runs.
  • GLOVES: I don't like my hands to be cold so I use these super warm North Face gloves that my sister in law got for me a few Christmases ago. They actually have a clip on them so when I don't need them anymore I clip them to my SpiBelt. Obviously these are seasonal. I only pack them during my winter races.
  • VASELINE/BODYGLIDE: We all know how runners tend to chafe!  
  • HAIR ACCESSORIES: Let's face it I have a mop on my head and it needs to be tamed for races.
  • MY RUNNING OUTFIT: Okay I actually know the shirt I am going to wear but I have not decided on what pair of compression pants I am going to choose yet. Oh decisions, decisions! A girl can never have to many options. I also just got this new sports bra that I absolutely love from Brooks. It has such great support and it was on clearance at my local running store. Score!
  • MY POST RUNNING OUTFIT: I have to usually change into a warm pair of clothes immediately after a run because I get cold super easily. So I try to change as soon as I can. The worst is walking around in wet clothes from your own sweat. I usually come out completely drenched.
Isn't my gym bag so pretty?

Two more things that were not pictured but I do like to take with me are compression socks for post race and a hand held water bottle. Those socks are great especially on the long drive back home. I am hoping to hit up the Expo and see if I can get a deal on a new pair. As for the water bottle I usually only take it with me during summer races. I have this big fear of getting heat stroke so I like to stay hydrated. 

What's in your gym bag?
Anyone else have a race this weekend?

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