Sunday, January 4, 2015

Carlsbad Half Marathon Recap: Week 8

I can't believe how fast time is flying by when it comes to my half marathon training. I am only two weeks away from race day! This week I had plans to run one long run (12 miles) but I took a different approach. I decided to focus on cross training this past week. One of my goals for 2015 was to increase speed and in order to do that I wanted to cross train. Training can be tedious so spicing up workouts can be beneficial. 

SUNDAY: I took a rest day since I had not gotten good sleep the night before and had worked that day. I actually had a really bad headache/borderline migraine so I needed to take it easy.

MONDAY: Yet another rest day, mostly because I worked and had a ton of stuff to do after work. I was packing for our trip to San Diego to visit family so I didn't even get to bed until late. Definitely no time to workout. 

TUESDAY: I did an Insanity workout right before we left to go to San Diego. Not just one of the easy ones but Pure Cardio, the one that is a non-stop high intensity workout. I have done the full 60 days Insanity workout twice before and I was kind of sad that I could barely keep up this time. It was tough for me to do the pushups! 

WEDNESDAY: It was raining hard all morning but I wanted to at least get some miles in for the week, so I ran around my old neighborhood. I did a total of 5 miles but it was nice to see my old stomping grounds like my high school. I was shocked to see how sore I was from the previous day. I carried about a 9:10 pace throughout but my legs felt really tight.

THURSDAY: Since it was New Year's my husband, mother, and I decided to start the year right with a hike up Cowles Mountain in San Diego. It's a good little cardio workout to start your day. Never underestimate a little 2.2 mile hike. That hike workout out my ass, hamstrings, and calves! They were on fire by the time we got to the top, but the views of all of San Diego made it worth it. 

FRIDAY: It was time to head back home so the only exercise I did was take my dogs for a walk around the neighborhood before we left. My legs were sore anyways so I didn't mind a brisk walk before a seven hour drive back home. 

SATURDAY: One of my goals for 2015 was to go to the snow and have more dates with my husband. Hit two birds with one stone on that one! We went to China Peak Summit and went snowboarding for our first date in 2015. It had been three years since the last time I had gone and boy did it show it but I was dressed to fool people like I knew what I was doing. Lets just say it was an eye opener to how bad my core is! Since I was mostly in a squat position my thighs were on fire most of the day. Last time I couldn't even move the day after!

So I may not have done much running this week but I still managed to get some good workouts in. Cross training is vital in half marathon training, so I by no means feel like I wasted a week of training. Besides I had a great time with each of my workouts this week for two reasons: it wasn't monotonous and to top it off I had fun! This coming week I'll do one more long run for endurance but then it's all about tapering for me. I know the next two weeks are going to just fly by but that's okay. I am mentally preparing myself for this race and I have to trust that my training has been adequate. 

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