Thursday, January 22, 2015

Next Race, Heavenly Half Marathon!

Now that I have had a few days to recover and relax following my race, it's time to start thinking of what my next race is scheduled to be. I am trying to save a few bucks this year by doing more local races. Some of them I haven't tried yet but my next races is one that I ran last year. It is actually only the second year this race has been put on so I feel kind of special to be apart of something so new. My next race is The Heavenly Half

The Heavenly Half is a small local race that is ran up in the mountains. Now when you think mountains all you can think of is hills right? Well this race is the complete opposite. It is pretty much a complete and total downhill race. The race is located in Auberry, California and will be on March 1, 2015. For those that are not familiar lets just say it is towards the armpit of California. It is actually really beautiful up there but since it is a small town it's not well known. 

This race is actually a part of a series of races, three races to be exact all brought to you by Sole 2 Soul. Now I have mentioned this store before because it happens to be where I get my shoes. They are simply amazing and great to work with. They bring in a lot of vendors, host weekly fun runs, and also bring on a series of races to get the local community active.

Since the race isn't that far away, I don't have that much time for training. I am going to really focus on speed work and train on some downhills. Last year I did really well. I actually thought my Garmin was off since my pace was super fast. I ended up getting 1:46 for this race. I think everyone that ran this race had a PR. I am trying to convince my husband to sign up but so far he hasnt. This race does sell out and as of a week ago they only had 300 spots left. 

There are perks for running local races:

1. THE COST: Running can get costly with travel expenses and race entry fees. Most local races are less than $100 and you don't have to pay for a hotel.
2. THE SWAG: I've been surprised at how much more stuff you get with local races. Maybe it's the local vendors that provide better deals but man it is impressive!
3.  THE COMMUNITY: It is an awesome feeling to have the local community cheer you on. It is especially great seeing how active everyone gets. It really brings a community together.

Do you run local races?
Any upcoming races?

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  1. That's impressive that you are already going to be prepping for another race! Looking forward to reading about your next journey :)

    1. Thanks Jess! It is one of my goals for this year so hopefully I can keep the momentum going.