Sunday, February 22, 2015

Getting Back On Track

On Sundays I used to blog about my weekly workouts. It was a great way to keep me accountable of my training but there really isn't that much to report these days. I have been a bit preoccupied and have really tried to rest my feet due to my plantar fasciitis. I am hoping this will start changing and I am hoping I will go back to blogging about my workouts so that I can keep motivating myself. This week I got two runs in and it felt great. Minimal to no pain which is pretty much a miracle these days!

On Monday I got a quick six mile run with my running partner and another co-worker. We went to my favorite park of course. I was super excited to head back to my park since I hadn't really ran there in a few weeks. Nothing had changed other than there was more grass due to some rain we had received the past few weeks. I was more than anything proud of my co-worker since she has improved so much! In November, she made a goal to get back to running and eat healthier and she is doing great. Couldn't be happier for her.

I have been scared to run mostly because I just don't want my plantar fasciitis to get worse.  Luckily I barely felt any pain on that run. I am hoping it's a good sign that things are getting better. When I move, I will no longer have my physical therapist so I told him my feet needed to be fixed by the time I left. No pressure right??

Then on Friday I got a real short run in with my doggies. I just ran around my neighborhood but they were as happy as can be pulling me along and wagging their little tails. My ankle actually hurt a bit but it got better the more I ran. Since going to PT, I have noticed that my ankles are extremely weak. This stems from a soccer injury in high school. I tore some ligaments in my ankle and then my other ankle compensated and ended up getting weak also. I can't even remember which ankle was the one I tore ligaments on since they both are equally weak. I am just a bit broken but I am still hopeful.

I love running. It is my workout of choice. I am not a size 0 nor do I have legs of a gazelle but running is what makes me happy. I am not fast but I get out there and do the best that my body can do. If I wasn't injured I would be piling on more miles but of course I can't do that right now. I do however have a race coming up in a week. I am both scared and excited for it. Scared because I have done no real training since my last race and I don't know how my feet will handle it. Excited because it is a race after all and I get to run. I may not PR but I will make the most of it. Slowly but surely I am staring to get back on track.

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  1. I love that first quote - and it's SO true! Your doggies are adorable. Might I suggest Feetures Plantar Fascitis sleeves? While my foot injury was a little different they helped SO much! You'll get there!

  2. That photo/quote expresses my thoughts exactly, with every run :P. Hope your PF continues to get better!!