Thursday, March 5, 2015

Friday Five: Favorite Running Accessories

Happy Friday! My Friday technically is my Monday. I work the next three days and they just so happen to be my last three days at my job. This chapter in my life is officially ending. I am filled with emotions ranging from excitement, nervousness, and complete and utter sadness. I started to say good-bye to people on Wednesday since they weren't going to be back this weekend and of course I was teary eyed. I can only imagine how many more tears will be shed in the next three days. 

Today I am linking up with with Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC,  Mar from Mar On The Run, and Cynthia from You Signed Up For What? for Friday Five. The topic is favorites so I decided to list my five favorite running accessories. I am finally getting my running groove back and happy to share the things I absolutely need for a good run.


I am actually running in a completely new shoe right now. I recently purchased some Brooks shoes, the Glycerin 12 to be exact. So far so good. I'll write a full review in the next few weeks once I have more miles on them. 


Purchasing my Garmin has by far been the greatest investment for my running. I have an older version that is no longer made anymore but I have had no problems so I have no need to upgrade just yet. Very rarely do you see me out on a run without this watch. I love mine!


I love running with this water bottle during the summer. It can hold my car keys, some GU, and even my phone. It is not too bulky and it keeps me hydrated during the hot summers of training. I have also used it during certain races in order to not waste time in water stations. 


I bought my first SpiBelt back in 2006. The thought of having a little fanny pack for running was kind of funny to me. But I will say that this fanny pack has done the trick. I tried putting my phone strapped on my upper arm but it felt super bulky. Placing it on my waist has made it easy to run and it doesn't bounce when I run. I have since them purchased one more which is water proof.


Okay so my list is more than five but the last three are like a bundle package. I have really curly hair so the headband is a necessity. I can't stand having hair on my face when I run! No fly aways for me. I have gone through some cheap sunglasses in the past few years. They even fog up right away or don't provide enough protection. This year though I started using my husband's Ray Ban's and they have worked really well for me. I actually bought my own pair this week. And last but not least a good pair of earphones is necessary for me when I run. I currently wear Yurbuds and they work just fine. One day I hope to splurge on a really good wireless pair but I go through earphones quite a bit and just can't see myself spending so much money for earphones. Maybe one day!

What are your favorite running accessories?
What are you loving this week?
Any plans for this weekend?

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