Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Living the SD Life!

Well let's see...its been five days since I moved to San Diego and in those five days I've managed to get a lot done. There were things that I still had to do for my Fresno home and things I needed to get done in my current living situation. I moved back home with my parents while my husband and I figure out our housing situation. Last time I said we had a potential offer on our Fresno home...well it went through and we are officially in escrow!! We have less than 30 days now. Crazy to think how fast our house went on the market. The best part about it is that my hubby and I wont be far away from each other for much longer. Yay!

I started orientation on Tuesday for my new job. There was actually a pretty big group of us there, somewhere between 40-50 people. Some people had been trying for years to get into the hospital! I felt very lucky to have been hired after my first time applying. So during orientation it was the basic hospital orientation: welcome, meet everyone, hear different departments talk, parking, badges, unions, etc. Can I just take a moment to point out that this is the first time I have taken a good badge picture! I mean every other badge I have taken I seem to get this crazy lazy eye or I look all mean. I was thoroughly happy with the outcome.

Hospital Orientation will continue for the remainder of the week but the real fun starts next week. That's when the my department orientation takes place. I have mentioned before I have always worked with children and babies right? Well this time I am full on working with adults. Bigger airways, bigger phlegm...

The remainder of this week is learning the computer charting. Today we actually had a short day and since the class was by La Jolla, I decided I needed a quick trip to the beach. It was awesome to soak my feet in the warm sand.

When I was there I couldn't help but think of how blessed I am to be living in my hometown again with all my family and get to visit the beach as often as I want. I stayed around for an hour and then headed home to work on some work computer modules.

Also, this week is the beginning of my training for my next race at the end of May. I will be running the San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon on May 31st. I've ran this race multiple times but it is one of my favorites because I run it with friends. This year my husband is even running it with me which I am super excited about. The best part is that we get VIP access to this race! I am not expecting a PR since I am still going through some pain issues with my plantar fasciitis, but I would like a decent time.

So far this week my training has been going super slooooow. I foresee it picking up by the end of the week though. This will be interesting since I can't over do it because of my feet. I will definitely need to listen to my body a bit more, but I am excited to get back into shape! Oh and I am also excited because I get to train in new running routes. I'll be posting about my training and workouts on Sundays so watch out for those posts. One thing I am going to definitely do for this training session is to incorporate yoga once a week to make sure I stay limber. I don't want any more injuries!

When is your next race?
How do you train if injured?
Any readers/blogger in San Diego?
Would love to meet up :)

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