Sunday, March 22, 2015

Running, Family Time, and Hikes: My Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! This weekend was all about spending time with my family and exploring my old stomping grounds. I can't believe it was has been a week since I moved to San Diego. Hopefully this weekend my hubby gets to move down too. Fingers crossed! It all depends on my work schedule and I am still not sure what that is going to be like. I am used to knowing my schedule three months in advanced and lately it has been week to week. 

Just a quick recap on my shenanigans this weekend:

Saturday I decided to get a quick early run in Mission Bay. It was recommended to me by a friend since it is scenic and flat. It is actually a great place to workout at since it is right off the freeway. You can't miss it. So if you find yourself visiting and looking for a quick and easy run I highly recommend. 

Afterwards I got to see some family and friends for my cousin's baby shower. I was so happy I was able to go this. Being far away from family, I've missed a lot of get togethers. Hopefully that will all change now that I am here. I am really looking forward to little Leonardo! Can't wait to meet him. The theme was lions. My aunt did a great job hosting and the food was amazing. 
I have no sisters, so growing up I was really close to my cousins. We shared a lot growing up and unfortunately some of us aren't as close as we used to be.  This is why moving to San Diego was the right choice. In the end family is everything. I know I can always count on them even though I was far away.

On Sunday my mother and I climbed Cowles Mountain in San Diego. We wanted to get there before it got too hot and even though we got there at 8am the hike was still hot.  Since I have been battling a cold all week my lungs weren't quite cooperating with me. My legs kept telling me to go but it really felt like I was gasping for air with every step I took. I made it to the top though! 

The views made the hike completely worth it! I am hoping to do this hike at least once a week or hike in other locations of San Diego once a week. It is a different kind of workout and it will help with my cross training for my half marathon coming up.

Later on my mom, dad and I went to Souplantation for salads and soups of course. My parents love coming to this place. I don't usually go here but since I am here and they offered to pay then who am I to say no. 

Nothing too exciting to report on my end. Other than starting my half marathon training and family time, my weekend was pretty casual. Today I start my actual work orientation. Last week was the hospital orientation. This week the fun begins! Wish me luck since I have no idea what I am doing working with adults. I am used to my babies. All I can say is that I am up for the challenge and hoping to learn more and become a well rounded respiratory therapist. Have a good day everyone!

How was you weekend?
Any one have any races?
Do you like eating at buffets?

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