Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Recap: Feeling Loved!

Happy Monday! I am doing a million things today but I am taking a little break to let you know how wonderful my weekend was. I spend Friday through Sunday with my other work family. I spent half of my time here in Fresno with them. They became not only my co-workers but life long friends. Of course I was sad to know this was the end of this chapter in my life but I was happy to spend it with such amazing people. 

On Friday, they had a delicious potluck for me. The theme was Mexican and boy did my co-workers deliver. There were enchiladas, rice, nachos, salsa, chicken, beans, seven layer bean dip, meat, cookies, flan, pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread), and the most delicious chocolate cake from Costco. I ate multiple times throughout the day and didn't care one bit of how many calories I consumed that day! I felt so loved.

Then from Friday on I just started my goodbyes. I wish I could have taken pictures with everyone but unfortunately wasn't able to do that. Working at Valley Children's has been a wonderful experience. I've shared so many experiences with my co-workers that have just created such a wonderful bond. I am going to miss each and everyone so much. 

At the end of my shift on Sunday it was all starting to sink in. I turned in my badge and received my final check. It was definitely surreal. I was really leaving this place! Did I shed tears? Of course I could I not? As I was driving away, it really hit me that I would not be coming back to this place for work anymore. I started to ball like a little baby. I couldn't hold back. Luckily I pulled it together by the time I got home. I can't thank my co-workers enough for the wonderful memories.

Next up for me is packing and more packing! I have a quick trip to San Diego this week before my final move on Sunday the 15th. The house goes on the market this week. Oh and my wonderful co-workers are also throwing me a dinner party on Friday. So if I was tearing up before sober, I can't imagine how much I will be crying with some alcohol in the system! At least I will be able to take more pictures with people I didn't get to see this weekend. 

How was your weekend?
Do you love your job?
Any plans for the week?

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