Monday, April 13, 2015

Workouts Recap: Baby Steps!

It's Monday which means it is time to recap on my training (or lack of) for the SD Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Luckily this past week was not like the week prior. I am not fully to where I want to be when in it comes to my motivation but at least I have been trying my best to keep active. I took your advice to heart and have been trying to just take things one day at a time. Since I am 100% positive I will not be going for a PR during this race, I am focusing on just building my endurance instead. 

Obviously when you don't work out for awhile, the first workout you finally get around to doing feels great. The endorphins are kicking in and you think to yourself why did I stop in the first place because this feels great. Then a few hours later you start feeling a bit tight and sore in areas you didn't even remember working out. By the next day you find it pretty difficult to even walk let alone squat to pick up anything on the floor. Yep, this exact scenario happened to me this week. 

On Tuesday I made the executive decision to start the Insanity workouts again. Why? Because I am insane! I've done them before and I looked great after doing them so I thought why not try it again. Well when I just did the Fit Test...oh man that was an eye opener. I am so out of shape that I could barely do the warm up. I kept at it and pushed through the rest of the week. 

TUESDAY: Insanity Fit Test. Yeah lousy results but can only get better right?

WEDNESDAY: Plyometric Cardio Circuit and ran 2 miles in Mission Bay. Horrible pace even with just two miles but at least I got out there.

THURSDAY: Cardio Power Resistance.

FRIDAY: Cardio Recovery. Much needed semi-rest workout since my entire body was super sore from all the workouts I had done.

SATURDAY: 3 Mile run with my hubby around Mission Bay and then came home and did a Pure Cardio workout. 

SUNDAY: Climbed up Cowles Mountain with my husband. I was supposed to do one more Insanity workout but I decided to do it on Monday instead. I was still pretty tired from Saturday's workout. Honestly the views just never get old!

Overall I am incredibly proud of myself for getting back on that horse. I see now how much work I need to do in order to get back to my baseline. But as long as I keep at it, I will be a happy girl. I am just taking things one day at a time. The miles will eventually keep increasing with my workouts, so I am not too worried. To be honest I am still just thankful that I am getting my motivation back! 

My goals for this coming week are pretty simple.
  1. Keep taking things one day at a time.
  2. Increase mileage.
  3. Continue with Insanity Workouts.
  4. Drink plenty of water.
  5. Get adequate sleep in order for my body to recover.

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  1. Yay for setting a goal of more sleep! I need that this week, too.