Thursday, May 28, 2015

Being Sick and Tired Sucks!

Feeling great over Memorial Weekend

Honestly I am getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was just starting to feel good about myself, getting some more motivation and then...BAAM!!  We went camping over Memorial weekend and some type of virus invaded my family.  The first one to get sick was my niece. The next day my husband. Then I got this stupid virus. I was kind of surprised it didn't hit me as bad as the rest, but it still took a toll on my week.
I wasn't able to do much other than rest. I had to force myself to go to work feeling weak. Most people loose weight when they get sick, but I on the other hand gained weight! Go figure! I had no desire to read any of my usual blogs I love to read so I am out of the loop on what's going on in the blogger world. I literally just wanted to sleep and make the room stop spinning. Of course that wasn't possible with my nephew. He just loves to jump on me when he gets the chance...oh and take selfies of course.
What does have me a bit more concerned though is the fact that I actually have a race this weekend! My training obviously wasn't the greatest this time around. I was only able to get to 8 miles but I figured given how many half marathons I've done in the past, I should be okay. But this time around I am still recovering and not my full self yet. Just feeling a bit unsure on how this race will go.
I pick up my race packet tomorrow or Saturday (haven't quite decided yet). I am hoping come Sunday I will at least be back to 80%. It would be unrealistic of me to hope for a PR, but just looking to not get a DF. My husband will also be running along with me, probably for the first few miles. Even without training he is still faster than I am. Yeah...pisses me off too! So fingers crossed I cross that finish line in one piece! Celebratory drinks afterwards of course!
Hope everyone is having a better week than I am.
Anyone else have any races this weekend?
Fun trips?
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  1. Aww.. I'm sorry you're sick. Being sick is really not that fun. I HOPE you feel better soonn! :) No races this weekend. I'm training for a race, but it's in July. Thinking of signing up for a 5k, but I haven't been as motivated to do races lately. Rest up Daisy!

    1. Good luck on your race coming up Emily. Enjoy your weekend! :)

  2. Hate being sick, hope you are back to 100% soon!!