Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Current Life In A Nutshell

I know I have been MIA for almost a month now but life was getting a bit to chaotic so I decided to take some time off. What did I do during this time off? Well I ate quite a bit of food. No, really I did and the scale shows it. I was just a bit stressed and overwhelmed with my move and my new job that it resulted in what I do best when I am I just love food and I can't seem to say no when times get a bit complicated. My husband is the complete opposite. He looses weight when he is stressed. He says he just can't eat. I wish I had that problem...hah!

Have I been doing exercise during my hiatus? Yes and no...I mean I have been able to sneak in some runs here and there but not having a gym has been hard. I tried doing Insanity workouts, but I got sick and then it derailed me a week. I ended up getting off track and just decided to stick to running. Don't get me wrong though, the running I have been able to do here is amazing compared to where I lived. There are so many options to choose from! A few weeks ago it was a bit too hot in the afternoon, so I drove 20 minutes to run at the beach. Best feeling ever to have that option! In a few weeks hopefully I can get a bit more settled and back to my workout routine and maybe join a gym finally. When we first moved down here to San Diego, I told myself no gym until we found a permanent place to live. If all goes well in a few weeks we may have our house...fingers crossed!

Oh yeah...we are in escrow for our new house here in San Diego! It took us a few weeks to just pin point what areas we were going to consider and then boom! Our house came up and we just jumped at the opportunity. I'll definitely blog more about our experience with home buying here. Living with my parents hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be but I am ready to move. They have been great in letting us stay here, but even my dogs are ready for their own space. My husband and I are forever grateful for their hospitality but as a married couple we need our own space to just be us.

I kind of have a new mind set on how I want this blog to run. I really want to show how I am just an average girl that struggles with weight issues, insecurities, and really tries her hardest to live a healthy lifestyle. I want people to see that I am just like everyone else. I love to run but I don't have the best body in the world. I have my love handles and cellulite just like any other ordinary girl. I get stressed out easily and I eat to cope with it. I am fearful of my scale and wish I could throw it out the window just like many others. Oh yeah and I dread bathing suit season! I hope to make a difference in someone's life in some way, shape, or form through my blog.  I am an open book and what I write are just my own personal experiences and thoughts. Thank you for taking the time in reading my blog.

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  1. I can imagine you'd be ready to be out of your parent's home. That is very nice of them to let you stay there. I hear ya on the food, I love it too and can get in trouble fast if I am not careful.

    1. Yeah stress and food are just two things that I have to keep an eye on. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good weekend!

  2. Thanks for your honesty Daisy. I also get stressed out easily. I eat when I'm bored. My weight goes Up sometimes and down others. Life is never perfect, but it's better to just admit that it's not perfect, so we can all encourage each other.

    1. That is one of the main reasons I love the blogger community! I have met some amazing people that keep encouraging me to keep going. All I can be is true to myself and admit to my own faults. Have a great weekend!

  3. I'll enjoy reading the new approach to your blog :). Well, I do enjoy all the things you write! Glad you all are getting closer and closer to getting a house. Keep us posted!