Friday, May 29, 2015

Things I Am Loving Lately

Oh what a week it has been! Since I have been trying to stay positive lately given my circumstance, I just wanted to share things that I am really loving lately. Remember it is the little things that matter the most.

1. One step closer to closing escrow. Just this morning I signed the remaining loan documents for our future house. My husband and I are over the moon excited for Monday to come, so we can finally start this next chapter in San Diego. Our realtor even has a photographer lined up to capture the moment we get our keys and celebrate! If you are ever in need of a good realtor in San Diego, let me know. Mine has been amazing!

2. Exploring San Diego neighborhoods.  There are so many places to see and explore in this fine city. Today while I waited for my husband to arrive from Atlanta, I stopped by Little Italy and took a little stroll. So many great little restaurants and cafes. I of course grabbed a small tea at a local cafe and just walked around and people watched. 

Later on in the day, my husband and I decided to stick around and went to the Gaslamp District, also known as Downtown. Somehow the electricity went out for a few blocks which affected quite a few business. We walked around and made the most of our time there.

3. Finally getting a haircut.  I had been meaning to get a quick trim prior to leaving Fresno, but just never got around to it. I went on Groupon and took a chance with a hair stylist. Her name is Tessa and she did a fabulous job. I am still trying to grow out my hair to donate, so she did a great job of still keeping the length but making it feel way healthier than it was. I'll be honest though, I felt like I was cheating on my hairstylist/friend. I know it sounds weird but she had been the only one to touch my hair for over 7 years! A good hair stylist is hard to find. Would I go back to Tessa? Probably, but I am thinking of trying out my high school friend next. 

4. My husband. Okay I love him all the time but he was away all week, so I was super excited to see him today. I guess what they say is true...distance makes the heart grow fonder. All I can tell you is that I missed him like crazy and am glad he is back!

5. Buying camera supplies.  I went on Amazon last week and found a pretty good camera tripod package deal that I just couldn't pass up. I used some of the accessories when we went camping over Memorial day and have been loving it so far. I originally bought them to possibly start making videos or vlogs. Not really sure but it is something I am considering. 

Tripod accessory Bundle Kit For Nikon Df, D5300 D3300 D5200 D3200 D3100 D5100, D7100, D600, D610, D810, D750, D7200 Digital SLR Camera Includes 57 Inch Pro Tripod + 67 Inch Monopod + Flexible Tripod+ Remote Shutter Release (REPLACES NIKON MC-DC2 REMOTE)

6. Watching YouTube videos of military surprise homecomings.  Maybe it was the holiday weekend that got me all into it, but man I couldn't stop watching them! I mean I was sobbing uncontrollably for some of them. If my husband would have been in town he would have made so much fun of me for watching these because I cry every time. On Wednesday morning I woke up with my eyes swollen from so much crying the night before. Here is just one of the many favorite videos I watched.

Hope you have a great Friday and enjoy the little things in life!

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  1. How awesome about closing on Escrow and the photographer! What a neat idea!

  2. YAY on getting closer and closer to settling into your home! Oh, those YouTube videos always make me sob!