Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What I Think About When I Run

When I run I literally go through a million thoughts. Lately since I have been struggling to get back at it, my thoughts are all over the place. This past week, I did an eight mile run in Mission Bay.  This pretty much sums up what went through my head:

Before The Run:

  • "What am I getting myself into?"
  • "Can I back out now?"
  • "Is this run REALLY necessary for my upcoming half marathon?"
  • "Oh I can't Garmin hasn't finished charging."
  • "Okay Daisy, you can do this!"
  • "Are you sure you can do this?"
  • "Ready or not here I go!"
First Mile:

  • "What the HELL!"
  • "Why are my legs in so much pain already?"
  • "OMG"
  • "No seriously...they feel like lead."
  • "Why is the first mile always the hardest for me?!?"
  • "Man I would love to be in bed right about now."
  • "Seriously why did I decide to torture myself today?"

    Miles 2-5:

    • "Is it too early to start planning what I am going to eat after this run?"
    • "Well this really isn't so bad right now."
    • "Why was I complaining again?"
    • "This is just what I needed this morning!"
    • "I am really starting to get hungry."
    • "Is that bacon and eggs I am smelling?"
    • "Is that a hill coming up?? I thought this was a flat course!"
    • "Holy crap that is a hill!"
    • "Ugh!!"
    • "Did I remember to wear deodorant?"

    Mile 6-7:

    • "Okay so I am officially over six miles."
    • "Only have two left...ugh...only!"
    • "Wow, I am really hungry!"
    • "I think my Garmin isn't working. My pace is a lot slower all of a sudden."
    • "Did i just get passed by someone twice my age? Well she probably just started."
    • "I thought I was almost done! Why is this taking so long?"
    • "OMG is that another hill?!?"
    • "I swear this is never going to end." 
    • "I'm almost positive I put deodorant...I think."

    The Last Mile:

    • "I am so glad to only have one more mile!"
    • "Maybe I could run a little bit more than eight?"
    • "This really was a beautiful run."
    • "I don't know what I was complaining about."
    • "I swear I am running faster than my Garmin is showing."
    • "Stop looking at your distance. You still have less than a mile."
    • "Why is this taking so long?"
    • "Okay never mind. Eight miles will do for today."
    • "Man I could really go for a breakfast burrito right now."

    So as you can see, my mind was all over the place. Overall, I did feel great after my run. It wasn't easy but I did it. Post run, I unfortunately did not get my bacon or my breakfast burrito.  I know I was a bit bummed, but figured I should probably not consume all my calories during breakfast. During race day, my mind focuses on certain things. I actually pray a lot...not for myself but for other people. I believe in the power of prayer so I pray quite a bit during my 13.1 miles. If you have a prayer request, let me know.

    What thoughts run through your head when you run?
    (or am I the only crazy one??)

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    1. I think it's awesome that you pray a lot during your runs. I've known people who've dedicated each mile to a different intention, which I think is a great way to pass the time. And I know what you mean about that first mile being absolute death... It usually takes me about 2 before I really fall into the rhythm of things.

      1. I've done that too. It really makes the time pass by a lot faster.

    2. Haha I can definitely relate to the breakfast thoughts kicking in at miles 2-5 ;) That said, I've only ever run 5 miles max so I have no idea WHAT my brain would be doing after that!

      1. I can never seem to get food out of my head. I just love food :)

    3. I loved reading your thoughts while running :) esp the deodorant, ha! I think that I should quit after 2 miles, every time. Sigh.

      1. Haha! Yeah the deodorant one goes through my head all the time.

    4. My brain is always all over the place, too. I have found that no matter how far I am going, the first 1/2 sucks. Even if I'm only going 3-4 miles, the first 2 suck. Just proof it's all a mental game! I always think of really brilliant blog post ideas when I run, then promptly forget them when I sit at the computer.

      1. It is a total mental game! That first mile really is the hardest. So about the blog ideas...that totally happens to me! I always forget as soon as I am done.