Monday, June 29, 2015

Being the Best Version of Me

I learned a long time ago to that in order to be happy and love unconditionaly, I needed to learn to love myself. It sounds so simple and easy yet so difficult to obtain. I think as females we put so much pressure on ourselves to be what society tells us to be. It is practically implanted on us at a young age to be model thin and now with social media it is 10x worse. I clearly remember putting myself on multiple diets in order to loose weight and I was only in elementary school!! How is it possible that I was already seeing myself as fat!?! I look back now at pictures and think, what the hell was I thinking??
My body after puberty morphed quite a bit. I ended up with a little more junk in the trunk, child bearing hips, no inner thigh gap, boobs my flat chested friends were envious of, beautiful curly hair, muscular toned legs, and clear acne free skin. Of course I saw myself as a cow with a lion mane. Crazy how morphed I saw myself.  It's quite sad actually. I wish I could say I am now completely comfortable with my body, but I have areas I wish to improve upon.  Overall though I am thankful and happy with what God gave me. I can only be the best version of me. The best version of me is constantly changing and I am okay with that, change is good.
The last few months (well year) have been tough on me. A true trial of loving myself in hard times. My weight has significantly increased and I've noticed my metabolism slow down. I've been negative and frustrated over things I have no control over. Here is what I can attitude. I am slowly coming out of the funk by taking things day by day and remembering to love myself.  Regardless of how much I weight or how I feel, I am remembering to accept who I am and be happy that I am healthy and still able to do many of the things I love.
I've learned to accept that I will never be a model with gazelle legs. I will never have a thigh gap, and I will always have cellulite and stretch marks from my curves. I will always have frizzy hair in humid climates. As much as I love the rain, my hair will always hate it.  I will always have a stomach gut because I love food and alcohol too much. So I can compeletely forget about that six-pack fantasy.  And as much as I love to run, my short little legs can only get me so far. I will never win a race but I can adjust my expectations to meet my goals and not someone else's.
It is no surprise why women are constantly judging other women for how they look, what they wear, and what they say. I hear it at the gym, at work, even amongst friends. I see the looks other females give each other. It is devastating to see how society has put us against each other. Why pass judgement on someone else when in all honesty you should only be focused on yourself.  Who am I to judge others when I am not perfect? And to be honest perfection does not exist. We should be encouraging other females to also be the best version of themselves instead of bringing them down.
 What is the best version of you?
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Things I Am Loving Lately

I have been working a lot lately on the house, at work, and on me. My house is starting to come together and slowly becoming the home I envision. Still don't have much on the walls but I hope to start putting all decorations this coming week. My work has been keeping me busy and I really can't complain since I love what I do. Unfortunately night shift is something new for me so that has been an adjustment. Now as for me...well I have been eating healthier and running more so imagine my surprise when I hopped on the scale and saw I had gained four pounds!! Can't really explain it. I have not been weight lifting so I know I don't have more muscle. In fact, I've noticed more stretch marks and cellulite. I can't explain it so the frustrations are kicking in. My wonderful husband has been trying to brainstorm what else I can do but I am just going to have to do the work and keep at it. I understand the struggle is real and it is going to take some hard work to get back to where I was two years ago.  

So instead of feeling sorry for myself and be all depressed I am going to appreciate the little things that are currently making happy. Life is precious and should never be taken for granted. Here are the things I am loving lately:


Not only is she only 24 years old but she is battling breast cancer. She is beautiful and so strong to be going through this. This week she shaved her head since chemo was slowly taking all of her hair. 


My sister-in-law sure had a real scare delivering her four weeks early, but look at how beautiful she is! Holding her in my arms was one of the greatest feelings. 


I was given a gift certificate to my favorite running store and used it to buy a new pair of running shoes. I had heard great things about this brand so I took a leap of faith and bought them. Yes they look bulky and heavy but they are so comfortable and light as a feather. So far they have been great for training in hills. 


When I feel down I like trying new running routes to perk up, but this time around I went to one of my favorite places...Mission Bay. The views never get old and I just get into such a Zen mood when I run here. Blessed to have this place so close to me.


I recently met my old high school friend for dinner and she picked such a great restaurant to eat at. They serve vegan, gluten free, healthy meals with seasonal veggies only, so the menu varies throughout the year. No soda is even offered there! I had a salad and it was absolutely delicious. 


I love fresh flowers in a home. Not only do they offer gorgeous color but wonderful smells. My husband on the other hand finds that it is a waste of money. So imagine my surprise when we bought our house and saw a gorgeous blossoming rose garden. Now I get my fresh flowers in my house and my husband is happy I didn't buy them. It's a win/win.


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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day and Summer Solstice!!

I've been working nights so my days and nights are turned upside down. Been a bit sleep deprived but just wanted to give a quick shout out to the first man I ever father.
Family is everything to me and my father is the glue that holds our family together. 
Also today is the first "official" day of summer!!
Enjoy the longest day of the year with your loved ones.
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Keep Running or Take Time Off After a Race??

My last race was almost two weeks ago. Since then I haven't gone on a single run. I've taken my dogs on walks but no running. I was a bit sore afterwards but it wasn't until this week that I started experiencing some knee pain. Maybe life was just trying to catch up with me since I have been so busy with moving. My husband also hasn't been running since the race. He was very sore and experienced knee pain immediately following the race, but is perfectly fine now. Funny how our recovery has been completely opposite. So this weekend will mark two weeks since our half marathon, but I can't help but think how much time should one really take off after a race? Or do you just keep running and bear the pain??

The one thing I have learned from running all these years is to really listen to your body. I know it is easier said than done but it is how I rationalize my recovery after each race. Each person recovers differently. Some people just take one day off and then continue on with their training for the next race. Some of the most common reactions after a race are lingering soreness, dehydration, and a general feeling of lethargy. I am not a doctor, but it makes perfect sense to not jump back into it until those symptoms are resolved. Like I said, each person is different so don't be discouraged if your recovery time is longer than your fellow running buddies. Some people are just light on their feet and bounce back quicker.

While recovering here is what I have had time to think about:
  • Was my training adequate?
  • What can I do to improve for next race?
  • Is it time for new shoes?
  • What worked and did not work?
  • Was I properly fueling my body during training?
Running can be very strenuous on your body.  I can clearly remember my first marathon and how much recovery time I needed. I was completely dehydrated by the end of the race and every part of my body hurt. I needed a complete break. I took almost 6 weeks off and frankly my body probably needed two more weeks. But my second marathon, I only took 4 weeks off and felt rejuvenated and eager to start running again.

So what's normal? I can't remember where I read this but I do know that some runners follow the rule of taking roughly a day off of running for every mile in the race.  That might mean taking 21-28 days off with little or no running after a marathon or close to two weeks for a half marathon. This is kind of looked upon as a conservative approach. Taking that much time off allows for enough time to fully recover and can help eliminate ongoing soreness, avoid overuse injuries, and avoid trying to run through mental burnout.

Take more time to recover if …
  • You’re still experiencing soreness or swelling from your race.
  • You feel fatigued during an easy 20- to 30-minute run 
  • You’re feeling run-down 
  • You feel mentally out of it from time to time
  •  You are having negative thoughts about running.
Here is one of the drawbacks from following that method and taking so much time off: you may lose a lot of your hard earned fitness.  In some ways, you may have to go back to square one before you start planning for your next race. If you recover quickly and take steps to promote recovery, it’s possible to take as few as seven to 14 days off and get right back into training for shorter distances.

Signs that show you are ready to start running again...
  • Your legs feel fresh and well rested
  • No more soreness or fatigue.
  • You are eager to get started again.
  • Your mental outlook is positive once again. 
So given the way I currently feel...I have just a few more days of rest before I start training for my next race. I can hardly wait! Moral of the story, always ALWAYS listen to your body!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Places to Run in San Diego: Lake Murray

Looking for a new running route in San Diego? Or are you visiting and need to know where you can safely go out for a run? This city honestly has so many different locations to choose from. They go anywhere from easy to hard. Today's featured location: Lake Murray.

I have been running here for a few months and have grown to really appreciate it. It is not far from where I currently live. Actually, it is in the same city: La Mesa. Getting here is pretty easy. From San Diego, just take the 8 East towards El Cajon/El Centro and look for Lake Murray exit. Lake Murray is actually a part of the Mission Trails Regional park in San Diego. 

The Lake Murray running route is an out and back total of 6.4 miles. The route runs along the lake but unfortunately you are unable to go all the way around. It ends at the dam where runners must turn around.

This route can get busy with a variety of walkers, runners, and bicyclers. Dogs are also welcomed but must remain on the leash. During your run, there are scattered bathrooms but unfortunately there are no water fountains once you head out from the main parking lot. So during the summers, I would highly recommend taking some water with you to stay cool. It can be very warm, so sunscreen is also recommended.  

I really enjoy running next to any type of water because of the views. 

The entire 6.4 mile run is pavement and goes along the lake. There are some rolling hills but for the most part it is regularly flat. Along with lake views you also run along a golf course so you get views from there too. 

The park is open from sunrise to sunset and parking is free. Doors are closed in the evening so you must keep track of time or else you will be stuck there after hours. It does get busy since there are other activities to do at the park. You are able to fish, paddle board, kayak, take/rent a boat, roller blade, have a picnic, etc. One of the drawback is that it doesn't really have that much shade so it can get a bit warmer than expected.  

Overall if you are looking for a low impact run with great views, I would recommend this location to run at. It's not far from downtown San Diego and you get a new change of scenery. 

Where is your favorite place to run?

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Monday, June 8, 2015

First Weekend In My New House!!

Happy Monday! I woke up so tired from this weekend in a good way though. We had our first visitors this past weekend and it was so much fun to host once again. Our friends came over on Saturday morning and stayed until early this morning. It was great to finally start showing people our new house. It honestly feels awesome knowing we have our own space again. My dogs love it here! So just wanted to do a quick recap on my first weekend in my new house.

So let's back track real quick to Friday. One of the main reasons I moved back to San Diego was to spend time with family. The past few months my family has been hit hard with cancer. First my father and most recently my cousin. Last week she underwent her first chemo treatment so I went over to drop off a "kick cancer's ass" basket.

It was great to see her for a few hours. She is still in great spirits but was pretty tired. So many people are rooting for her, but I know it is starting to get to her. She started to cut her hair shorter and shorter in preparation for the inevitable.  On Thursday she text me a picture of a few strands that fell off and when I was with her she said she felt like her hair was thinner.  Oh and did I tell you she is only 24! It's scary to think she is going through breast cancer at such a young age. 

Unfortunately my Friday didn't end well. I received some tragic news from my old workplace. One of my favorite patient's passed away. My heart just broke when I received the news. I couldn't help but think of his wonderful grandmother that took such great care of him or his brother who is fighting the same disease. Cystic Fibrosis is such a horrible disease and I just wish they can find a cure in my lifetime. 

Afterwards I couldn't wait to see our friends. I needed some distraction to not feel the pain that was in my heart. Saturday couldn't come soon enough! When they arrived we went to sushi for lunch and then ran some errands. We really wanted to BBQ at our house for dinner but didn't actually have a BBQ so off to Home Depot we went! The final product:

The boys did so well and it only took them two hours to install. So while they did that the ladies relaxed and had some alcoholic beverages while getting some rays in my back yard.

Sunday was jam packed with fun activities. We had a great breakfast to start the day and then the ladies went to yoga while the guys went to hit some balls at the driving range. The yoga class was so much fun. Not only were there mimosas after class, but it was in a bar with great music. Oh and the cherry on top of this yoga class was that it was taught by my high school friend! I hadn't seen her in years so it was great to catch up. Here are some of the pics from the class: 

I swear I can be normal...sometimes

We were the first two to arrive so we got to pick our spot.

And yes we had matching yoga mats.

I had to stretch before class of course

Oh and of course we took a selfie

Ant then class commenced...

After class had to take a class with the instructor/my friend Melissa. She looks amazing!!

And the reward for a great yoga class...mimosas!

Afterwards the boys picked us up and we were off to look for a place to eat. Since we were already in downtown we decided to walk around and find something. We settled on a really good restaurant that of course had bottomless mimosas. 

I had ceviche and it was so good!

We may or may not have drank three bottles of champagne between 3 of us.

Oh and I checked in on yelp and got a free dessert! The churros were so good!!

After a few hours of hanging out in downtown we wanted to take our friends to Mt Helix. It is actually the area we bought our house at. The views from this place is what convinced Dario to go ahead with the move. It was a bit hot but our friends enjoyed going up there and seeing 360 degree views of San Diego.

There is a cross at the top of the mountain, a open theatre, and a small hike trail.

Afterwards we went back home and enjoyed the rest of the evening at home. We all watched the basketball finals game and the boys tried some of the yoga moves from class. I was pretty impressed on how good my husband did.

My weekend was amazing! Oh and remember I mentioned about my patient passing on Friday? Well on Sunday morning his grandmother called me to check up on me. How sweet was that?!? Here she is going through this terrible loss and she was concerned about me. She thanked me for always taking such great care of him and for loving him so much. I lost it of course and the tears just started coming down. The best compliment she told me was how good I was with him and that she hopes I can continue taking care of children and make an impact on their lives like I did for him. My job can be very hard, but it is moments like those that make it all worth while.

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

I MET MEB!! I can die happy now.

I have been meaning to blog about my race recap from last Sunday, but a few things came up. For starters I didn't have any Internet for a few days which makes blogging a bit difficult. The reason why is becuase we moved into our new house!! Which leads to the second reason...we have been moving in and it has taken up a lot of our time this week. Let me tell you it is not a pretty picture seeing two VERY sore runners trying to move. Actually it is pretty comical. I am still recovering from my race but overall I still feel great. I survived yet another SD Rock N Roll race.

First thing first: THE EXPO


We were already in Downtown San Diego on Friday before the race, so we decided to just hit up the convention center and pick up our packets. Since we had a limited amount of time to browse around I had to quickly get our packets and head out. The Rock N Roll Expos are probably some of my favorite to attend. They have a whole bunch of vendors to choose from,  really cool activities to do, and great guest speakers to listen to.

Since one of the main sponsors for the race is Brooks (which just so happens to be my current running shoe brand of choice) they had a really cool section of clothes, shoes, and activities to do.

Also, they raise a lot of money for Cancer reasearch and this year they had a really cool feautre where you could make a sign in memory of a loved on who passed. During the race they posted the sign and it was a great way to motivate you towards the end. When I was running I read a few of the posters and it really got me emotional. Made me think of my beautiful niece who died of lymphoma two years.


Our friend's mother was gracious enough to pick me and my husband up and drop us off close to the race start. Our friend Adam's girlfriend lived right where the start started so we finished getting ready over there. Of course the nerves started to sink in but we still had enough time to get some selfies and group pictures. 


For the last three years we have been running at different Rock N Roll races across the US. We have one more lined up for the end of the year in San Antonio. Luckily we have a hook up that gets us in for free! Unfortunately we no longer get VIP but we still always have a great time.

For the most part they have bagels, bananas and water at the start line for runners. I wasn't able to get a banana though. They were all gone by the time we finally got there. The full marathon started before the half so some stuff was already gone. The bathroom lines were long as usual. I feel like they keep adding more bathrooms every year but there is still never enough. Luckily since we got ready at our friend's place so we had our own personal bathroom. Before we knew it was time to start!

Okay I felt pretty awesome for the first eight miles. The first two miles I was pretty slow but just feeling the course out. After I realized I could keep about a 9:30 pace then I got a steady groove. Unfortunately on mile eight some rolling hills came along that I just couldn't tackle. I had to walk and then my pace started to slow down. The people throughout the course were awesome though. They pushed me to keep going even when I felt I couldn't. Of course there were different neighborhoods that had tequila stations, bloody mary stations, donuts, whiskey bars, orange slices, and of course the regular water/Gatorade provided by the actual event.  Bands were performing in just about every mile and of course there were different high school cheerleaders throughout the course cheering us on. Sadly I only took one picture during the entire course.

The four of us ran together at the beginning but all broke away after the first mile. My husband came in first (of course) and I came in second. I was hoping to get 2:05 but I ended up with 2:06. No PR for me but I new that was not going to happen. Overall it was a great race. Not only did I feel great with no pain, but I got to meet my idol!! Yes I met the one and only, MEB! 

After the finish line, I headed over to Petco Park where the beer garden was at. On my way to the entrance I saw a really small group of people taking pictures with someone. I took a better look and realized it was Meb!! Of course I walked over there and had to take a quick selfie. He was so sweet and asked me how my race went. I missed an opportunity last year to meet him, so I was ecstatic that I finally got to meet him. I am still reading his book but I love it so far. After meeting him I was pretty much on cloud nine! My husband was happy for me since he knows how much I look up to him. 

Every runner (over 21) received a free beer. As I was waiting for everyone to join me at Petco Park, I was enjoying the view and free concert. San Diego is pretty awesome! I have to pinch myself to remind myself how lucky I am to live here.

We all had such a great time. We earned our bottomless mimosas for brunch!

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