Monday, June 29, 2015

Being the Best Version of Me

I learned a long time ago to that in order to be happy and love unconditionaly, I needed to learn to love myself. It sounds so simple and easy yet so difficult to obtain. I think as females we put so much pressure on ourselves to be what society tells us to be. It is practically implanted on us at a young age to be model thin and now with social media it is 10x worse. I clearly remember putting myself on multiple diets in order to loose weight and I was only in elementary school!! How is it possible that I was already seeing myself as fat!?! I look back now at pictures and think, what the hell was I thinking??
My body after puberty morphed quite a bit. I ended up with a little more junk in the trunk, child bearing hips, no inner thigh gap, boobs my flat chested friends were envious of, beautiful curly hair, muscular toned legs, and clear acne free skin. Of course I saw myself as a cow with a lion mane. Crazy how morphed I saw myself.  It's quite sad actually. I wish I could say I am now completely comfortable with my body, but I have areas I wish to improve upon.  Overall though I am thankful and happy with what God gave me. I can only be the best version of me. The best version of me is constantly changing and I am okay with that, change is good.
The last few months (well year) have been tough on me. A true trial of loving myself in hard times. My weight has significantly increased and I've noticed my metabolism slow down. I've been negative and frustrated over things I have no control over. Here is what I can attitude. I am slowly coming out of the funk by taking things day by day and remembering to love myself.  Regardless of how much I weight or how I feel, I am remembering to accept who I am and be happy that I am healthy and still able to do many of the things I love.
I've learned to accept that I will never be a model with gazelle legs. I will never have a thigh gap, and I will always have cellulite and stretch marks from my curves. I will always have frizzy hair in humid climates. As much as I love the rain, my hair will always hate it.  I will always have a stomach gut because I love food and alcohol too much. So I can compeletely forget about that six-pack fantasy.  And as much as I love to run, my short little legs can only get me so far. I will never win a race but I can adjust my expectations to meet my goals and not someone else's.
It is no surprise why women are constantly judging other women for how they look, what they wear, and what they say. I hear it at the gym, at work, even amongst friends. I see the looks other females give each other. It is devastating to see how society has put us against each other. Why pass judgement on someone else when in all honesty you should only be focused on yourself.  Who am I to judge others when I am not perfect? And to be honest perfection does not exist. We should be encouraging other females to also be the best version of themselves instead of bringing them down.
 What is the best version of you?
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  1. Great post. I think when we finally realize we are what we are and it is what it is we start to feel much better. I am just getting there after 35 years of life!

  2. Hugs all the way. This is so perfect. I've been super negative myself and it shows in my body. I feel like when I have a better attitude, the weight seems to fall off easier. I think it's hard on your body to constantly hate itself. Horray for loving eachother instead of constantly putting other women down or being envious of things. Every one works damn hard to look a certain way and if you aren't working, don't hate!! :) And if you are like me and work hard and still want to look different, keep at it :)

  3. It's easier said than done to love ourselves- like, truly love ourselves! You are BEAUTIFUL, inside and out!!