Monday, June 8, 2015

First Weekend In My New House!!

Happy Monday! I woke up so tired from this weekend in a good way though. We had our first visitors this past weekend and it was so much fun to host once again. Our friends came over on Saturday morning and stayed until early this morning. It was great to finally start showing people our new house. It honestly feels awesome knowing we have our own space again. My dogs love it here! So just wanted to do a quick recap on my first weekend in my new house.

So let's back track real quick to Friday. One of the main reasons I moved back to San Diego was to spend time with family. The past few months my family has been hit hard with cancer. First my father and most recently my cousin. Last week she underwent her first chemo treatment so I went over to drop off a "kick cancer's ass" basket.

It was great to see her for a few hours. She is still in great spirits but was pretty tired. So many people are rooting for her, but I know it is starting to get to her. She started to cut her hair shorter and shorter in preparation for the inevitable.  On Thursday she text me a picture of a few strands that fell off and when I was with her she said she felt like her hair was thinner.  Oh and did I tell you she is only 24! It's scary to think she is going through breast cancer at such a young age. 

Unfortunately my Friday didn't end well. I received some tragic news from my old workplace. One of my favorite patient's passed away. My heart just broke when I received the news. I couldn't help but think of his wonderful grandmother that took such great care of him or his brother who is fighting the same disease. Cystic Fibrosis is such a horrible disease and I just wish they can find a cure in my lifetime. 

Afterwards I couldn't wait to see our friends. I needed some distraction to not feel the pain that was in my heart. Saturday couldn't come soon enough! When they arrived we went to sushi for lunch and then ran some errands. We really wanted to BBQ at our house for dinner but didn't actually have a BBQ so off to Home Depot we went! The final product:

The boys did so well and it only took them two hours to install. So while they did that the ladies relaxed and had some alcoholic beverages while getting some rays in my back yard.

Sunday was jam packed with fun activities. We had a great breakfast to start the day and then the ladies went to yoga while the guys went to hit some balls at the driving range. The yoga class was so much fun. Not only were there mimosas after class, but it was in a bar with great music. Oh and the cherry on top of this yoga class was that it was taught by my high school friend! I hadn't seen her in years so it was great to catch up. Here are some of the pics from the class: 

I swear I can be normal...sometimes

We were the first two to arrive so we got to pick our spot.

And yes we had matching yoga mats.

I had to stretch before class of course

Oh and of course we took a selfie

Ant then class commenced...

After class had to take a class with the instructor/my friend Melissa. She looks amazing!!

And the reward for a great yoga class...mimosas!

Afterwards the boys picked us up and we were off to look for a place to eat. Since we were already in downtown we decided to walk around and find something. We settled on a really good restaurant that of course had bottomless mimosas. 

I had ceviche and it was so good!

We may or may not have drank three bottles of champagne between 3 of us.

Oh and I checked in on yelp and got a free dessert! The churros were so good!!

After a few hours of hanging out in downtown we wanted to take our friends to Mt Helix. It is actually the area we bought our house at. The views from this place is what convinced Dario to go ahead with the move. It was a bit hot but our friends enjoyed going up there and seeing 360 degree views of San Diego.

There is a cross at the top of the mountain, a open theatre, and a small hike trail.

Afterwards we went back home and enjoyed the rest of the evening at home. We all watched the basketball finals game and the boys tried some of the yoga moves from class. I was pretty impressed on how good my husband did.

My weekend was amazing! Oh and remember I mentioned about my patient passing on Friday? Well on Sunday morning his grandmother called me to check up on me. How sweet was that?!? Here she is going through this terrible loss and she was concerned about me. She thanked me for always taking such great care of him and for loving him so much. I lost it of course and the tears just started coming down. The best compliment she told me was how good I was with him and that she hopes I can continue taking care of children and make an impact on their lives like I did for him. My job can be very hard, but it is moments like those that make it all worth while.

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  1. I am deeply sorry to hear things haven't been going well for your loved ones, health wise! I'll definitely be saying a prayer for them!

    And as far as your house and your weekend - everything looks super fun! Also, your yard looks awesome! :)

    1. Thank you so much. Luckily my weekend ended in a good note.

  2. Yoga looked fun! We have something in St. Louis called Yoga Buzz. It always involves yoga and booze...usually at local bars or breweries. I keep meaning to sign up for a class, but haven't yet. Cheers!

    1. It was definitely different but in a good way. The music was very calm and soothing during yoga. Of course the drinks were delish too! I would recommend :)

  3. It's so nice that you moved back to be with family. That gift basket is a sweet idea :) and omg, I need those churros!