Monday, August 31, 2015

Cork & Draft Festival Review

This past weekend was filled with laughter, beer, wine, friends, and good food. I had been looking forward to this weekend for the past few weeks and it sure didn't disappoint. Our good friends came down from LA to celebrate with us along with some friends here in San Diego. The Cork and Draft Classic was a great little festival that helped ring in my birthday a few days early.

 First off we had to get some food in our belly if we were going to consume lots of alcohol.

I have been on a Tacos Perla kick and honestly I make any excuse to go back. Their tacos and quesadillas are sooo good! Probably what makes them so good are the home made tortillas and the variety of sauces. Oh yeah and they have amazing aguas frescas with free refills. 

After we ate, we still had time to kill. So we went next door to Under Belly. Under Belly has these amazing noodles but since we had just eaten, we decided to hang out by the bar. The bar is completely open and has such a great vibe. Of course we made time for one beer before we meet up with our friends at the next location.

After Under Belly we headed to The Balboa. It's a bar in Hillcrest area and one step closer to our final destination. I hear they have these really good hamburgers but we opted to share a drink. At this bar there are these delicious jalapeno margaritas. 

I just love the tangy drinks!

The Cork and Draft Classic was in the Embarcadero in downtown San Diego. The views were to die for but it was a bit too hot. Okay it was only 85 degrees but for some reason it felt hotter. 

The festival consisted of an assortment of both wines and breweries. Knowing how hot it was I opted to stick to one. We seriously were moving from shade to shade to keep cool. 

I have attended other wine and beer festivals and there were some things I liked and didn't like about this one. I loved the fact that benefits were towards the Challenged Athletes Foundation, a foundation that I am very proud to say I have helped out in the past. The official festival cup was actually pretty cool. It was double sided for both beer and wine. Unfortunately my husband broke his and then happened to forget mine at dinner. The ambiance was nice given the location and views.  They even allowed dogs on leash. Oh and they had a really good band performing reggae music. 

Here were some of the negative things about the festival: The pours were very small. I mean they were REALLY small.  

Also there were very VERY limited options for food. I really could've gone for some food trucks to soak up all the alcohol.  Overall though it was a great time. We managed to get some reservations after the festival at a really good Mexican restaurant.

I guess the smart thing would have been to just eat the food and then head home. But of course we had margaritas at the restaurant. Apparently we had three pitchers worth and then caught another Lyft ride back to our house. That part is a bit blurry and some of us decided to continue drinking...yeah yet another horrible decision. 

And then this is what we did pretty much all day Sunday. Recovery time, movies, Little League World Series, and food.

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Time to buckle down and start training again for my next race. 

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I love outdoor events where friends can gather :) esp if there is food and drink involved.