Monday, August 24, 2015

Feeling Like A Zombie: Night Shift Problems!

I knew that by starting a new job I would have to start from the bottom and work my way up. I lost the seniority I had at my other hospital but that's okay. I truly love my new job and have really been learning a lot of new things. But of course since I am at the bottom of the topem pole it means that I am forced to work whatever shift they ask of me. Beggers can't be choosers in this field. You take what you can get and don't complain. When the economy tanked a few years back, it made it very difficult to find jobs in my profession. Even now it still remains competive. When I applied for this job, I was among 150 other applicants fighting for 6 positions...CRAZY RIGHT?!?
I now realize how lucky I was to even make it to the interview panel. My resume stood out among all the other applicants. For this I do credit my husband and sister-in-law because they completely revamped my resume. Well now that I am here I really don't plan on moving anywhere anytime soon which means with time my seniority will climb again. In the mean time, I am stuck on night shift.
Well I guess I should be pretty honest here, night shift isn't really that bad. It definitely has its perks but the major downfall is the zombie feeling I get. It just isn't normal for me to sleep during the day. My body just hasn't quite adjusted to the change. Our bodies operate opposite to its circadian rhythm when working nights. That internal clock that tells us when we should be sleeping and when we should wake up is completely thrown for a loop.

Here are some the negative things I've experienced from working nights:
  • Zombie mode
  • Unable to sleep during the day
  • Fatigue from lack of sleep
  • Slower metabolism
  • VERY irritable (my poor husband)
  • Weight gain (I eat to stay awake)

The list seems pretty crappy huh? Well I did say there are some perks from night shift but I'm still not sure if they completely outweight the bad. Yes the pay is great and not having upper management down your throats is always nice. But not being able to shake off this zombie feeling is quite annoying. I know people that love working nights. They wouldn't have it any other way. Those, of course, are the people that have done this for years and they know their routine. I am still learning the ropes of what to do in order to live a normal life.


I miss being able to work out before or after work. Before, regardless of how tired I was after working a 12 hour day shift, my body was still able to get in an hour workout. Now I just look forward to trying to atleast get some restless hours of sleep during the day. When I wake up my body feels so disorientated that working out or going for a run is pretty much out of the question. I honestly feel drunk when I wake up. I am finishing up on three night shifts in a row and let me tell you my body is begging me to get back to normal.

I'll sign off with probably the greatest things about working nights. I can have an alcoholic bevarage pretty early in the day without judgement. :)

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  1. I don't work nights, but I have a few personal training clients who do. It is ROUGH! Especially switching back and forth between days and nights. Hope it gets better for you!

    1. Tell me about it! Now a days I am still wide awake around 2AM on my days off! So frustrating :(