Monday, September 7, 2015

Trying Out New Protein: N53

I have made it no secret that I have been in a rut this year. I've been struggling with my lack of motivation. Some days are great while others I have no energy for absolutely anything.  Lucky me though a little over a month ago I received a little surprise. I was contacted by the people from Nutrition53 to try out their protein powder. I had heard great things about their line of products so I jumped at the opportunity to try out their protein powder. Even though they did provide me with free samples, all opinions are on my own.

So a little history on Nutrition53: 

Nutrition53 has different lines of protein from their Lean1 (Healthy Performance Shake), Neuro1 (Mental Performance Formula), Vegan1, and their LeanPro1 (Fat Burning Protein). Of course the company also has a line of supplements but I only received samples of the four protein powder lines along with a shaker to mix. The founder and CEO of the company happens to be a former NFL player,  Bill Romanowski. He along with doctors, scientists, and nutritionist came together to formulate the Nutrition 53 line. Getting these protein packets in the mail was just what I needed to get back in training mode. I set my calendar with long runs and gym sessions to test out the products. 


The Lean1 protein powder is made from 27 different vitamins and minerals, 20g of lactose free protein, green coffee extract, 7-8 grams of fiber, omega-3 essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes & probiotics, 17 fruits and vegetables, amino acids, and grape seed/grape skin extracts. It contains 15% less sugar than most protein powders out in the market and only 200 calories. They also offer a wide variety of flavors: banana cream, chai chocolate, cookies and cream, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla raspberry, strawberry, and strawberry banana.

The Lean1Pro contains many of the same ingredients except for it has 30grams of lean protein along with amino acids and leucine peptides for defining and increasing muscle, help burn body fat faster, and speed up muscle recovery. They do however have less flavor options: chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla, and cookies and cream.

The Neuro1 was created for mental performance. It contains neuroactive amino acids, powerful herbal extracts and other supplements to boost workout intensity, enhance learning capacity, improve memory recall, and to calm concentration under stress. It is meant to improve long term brain function. 

As for the Vegan1, it is a plant based with 20g of protein. It is rich in antioxidants and made with healthy fats and carbohydrates. The Vegan1 also contains 5g of fiber, 5g of fat per serving, and 22 essential vitamins and minerals. And of course their is no dairy, gluten, or soy. 

When to use: 
  • On the go meal
  • A healthy snack
  • Daily supplement
  • Post workout
  • Jumpstarting your morning (Neuro1 only)
How to use:
  1. Pour 8-10oz of cold water
  2. Add one scoop of protein powder
  3. Add 4 ice cubes
  4. Shake or stir until powder is dissolved
* Can be mixed in a blender, shaker, or a regular tall glass


Over the years, I have tried my fair share of protein powders. Some were so disgusting and chalky while others were good but would only keep me full for maybe an hour. I can say with all honesty that all their protein samples were delicious. None were chalky or clumpy. Although I did not taste all flavors, I did get a wide variety of them from the four different lines and they were all good. I have never been a fan of vanilla flavors but even those I liked. My favorite by far were cookies & cream, strawberry banana, and chocolate. 


I understand cost is a big factor in trying out new protein powders. On their website, they offer different serving sizes and sample packets for sale. The price will obviously vary depending on what you choose, but it does average anywhere from $25-40. I do know the website offers varies discounts as well. And I recently saw Nutrition53 on Groupon. The price is just about average compared to other protein companies out in the market though.

Overall, I loved my samples and can't wait to purchase more. I used them mostly for post workouts after my runs or gym sessions. Only a few were used as a meal replacement during my night shifts at work. They filled me up for about four hours which was just enough time until my next snack/meal. I know that Nutrition53 does advertise that if used consistently, you can loose weight fast. I, however did not loose any weight. I maintained the same but did notice an increase in energy. I was motivated to workout and I honestly just felt great!


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  1. I use Skoop and Trader Joes whey protein. The TJs one is surprisingly tasty!