Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Celebrations and a BIG THANK YOU!!

Happy Monday! I had such an amazing weekend. Definitely much needed time off from work. But first I want to say a big thank you to all who commented/text/emailed me on my last blog post. Posting it was very nerve wrecking and hearing all the support and love from you guys put my nerves at ease. I am trying to stay positive with all of this infertility but it is very difficult when you feel alone. Hearing stories of others going through this made it less taboo for me. I don't know what the future has in store for me, but I have my faith that will get me through anything.

This weekend I was busy with both a Bachelorette party and my abuelita's birthday party.  Friday night I met my friends for dinner and a show at Lips. Lips is a drag queen show in San Diego that I had been wanting to go to for a long time. She is a friend from back in Fresno so they were looking at me for recommendations. The show was awesome! These ladies were so fierce and beautiful! Everyone had a blast. Our waitress was VaVa Voom. She was hilarious and so much fun. Her show was probably my favorite. Not going to lie but I am pretty jealous of her booty.

On Saturday, I spent the first part of the day with family. It was my abuelita's birthday and we had a Fiesta Mexicana themed party. It was so hot but it was so good to see the family. When I was there it made me sad yet happy. Happy that I was able to celebrate with her and all of my family, yet sad that I had missed so much in the last 14 years I had been away. 

My family even got a baile folklorico group to celebrate. My abuelita was clapping and enjoying the show. Now a days it is hit or miss with her reactions. Her alzheimers has it's good and bad days. Every time I talked to her I had to remind her who I was and after a few hours she was a bit overwhelmed with everyone.

I at least was able to take a few pictures with her and with my mother. After this though, she wanted to lay down and go to sleep. 

 The rest of the time I tried to catch up with as many family members as I could. We had family from Bakersfield and LA  come down for the party. It was great to see everyone.

I left the party early in the evening, since I had more bachelorette activities to attend to. I missed the day activities, but I told my friends I would make it to the club crawl. The club crawl started at 10pm and it went through 4 clubs. One of my friends made the day trip down from Fresno. It was great to see her.

We unfortunately started a little late since the bride to be was running behind. We caught up with the remainder of the group and started dancing the night away as soon as she arrived. The music was on point but I will say my feet were beyond tired by the second club. I felt the blisters coming and I was just tired over all. I definitely felt my age at that point. I was sober since I had to drive home and was planning a run on Sunday morning. Overall though, I was happy to spend time with my friends especially since I can't make the wedding. 

On Sunday I had all these plans for a run, taking my dogs on a walk, clean the house....and all I did was watch television and veg out. Haha! I guess the club crawl was harder on me than I thought. I had a blast this weekend thought. Got to spend time with my family and pretend like I was 21 again. 

Now I have less than a week until my next race. It's go time! I am looking forward to this race because we are staying with friends and my niece happens to also be running. She runs for the UC Merced Cross Country team. I am super proud of her and all of her accomplishments. She wasn't able to make it to the family party so it will be nice to spend some time together. So a few more short runs, but I am ready as I'll ever be. This is another fun run for me and the completion of the Sole 2 Sole series. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE that you love your abuelita so much! She is beautiful! And I think all the colors are so beautiful.

  2. Your abuelita is beautiful. That was an amazing get together, I am sure she appreciated it. Looks like you had a great weekend filled with fun.

    1. She enjoyed it for the most part. Unfortunately her Alzheimers kicked in and she was done for the night.

  3. good luck! love that you got some family time in!

  4. Family is so important - love that you got to spend quality time with them!

  5. Wow!! I can see how much you had enjoyed your bachelorette party. I am also going to attend bachelorette party with my friends at event venue Chicago, and I have got idea for my dress from your blog. Thanks for sharing party pictures here.