Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween! Favorite Songs of October

Happy Halloween! I know I have been MIA lately, but I do have my reasons. I have been dealing with some appointments/procedures that have taken up a bit of my time. It has kind of taken a toll on me. Lately all I have been wanting to do is rest and not think about blogging. Also I have been battling my plantar fasciitis again so I haven't been running. Since I have a race coming up in two weeks, I thought it would be wise to rest now in order to be able to even run in my next half marathon.

I have been a bit bummed out about not running. Since running is my stress reliever you can imagine how bad timing this whole situation with my plantar fasciitis has been. Either way I have still been on the look out for some good music to add to my playlist. Here are my favorite songs for this month:




What are your favorite songs right now?
Did you dress up for Halloween?

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  1. I'm loving Confident, too! It grew on me. I can't stop listening to Electric Love.