Monday, October 19, 2015

When Life Gets Complicated: You Pause & Reflect

 Every now and then when life gets a bit too complicated, I tend to reflect on what really matters. For example, this past week my husband and I had an important appointment that kind of took a toll on me. I broke down shortly afterwards, was emotional, and overwhelmed. I decided that blogging was just not going to be a priority last week. Other than Instagram, I was pretty much MIA. I really just needed that time to myself.

Blogging is something I do as a hobby, but when life gets in the way I have no energy or effort to post. And rather than write about absolutely nothing, I just choose to take time off. I actually took a break from even reading other blogs. As the week progressed, I realized the time off was exactly what I needed. I read, I colored, I ran, I spend time with my mother, I spent time with friends, and of course I worked to keep myself busy.

One of the best things I did this past week though was visit where I raised, Mexico. Since we live in San Diego heading to Tijuana is not a big deal for us. Yes I understand that many people would be scared out of their minds to cross the border due to the crime there, but it is my first home. I feel surprisingly safe there. My mother needed to run a few errands and I chose to tag along since it had been awhile since I had gone. One of our stops was to visit our old house. Yes the very house my mother was raised and where she raised us as well. 

It was completely surreal to see this house after so many years.  Every time I go back the house seems smaller and smaller. We actually lived in the very front house. My parents built the house in the back a few years ago. Nostalgia was the best way I could describe being there. 

Our house is actually incredibly close to the border. From our back yard we could see people trying to cross and then see the border patrol chase them down. It was our free entertainment I suppose. The house is pretty much the exact same.  Being there, all I could think about was the memories my brothers and I shared there. 

This past week I also hit the pavement a bit more and logged in some miles. I did some hills and sprints along with some decent runs. The weather is finally cooling down over here so it felt amazing! My pace dropped almost 45 seconds as soon as the weather dropped. I am not one who likes to run in temps greater than 70. Anything higher and I am miserable and just too hot. So imagine my surprise when moving down to San Diego and the temps are in the 90s! This week I took advantage of the fall weather and got lost in my thoughts during my runs. I don't care what people say, but running has and always will be my form of therapy.

I have a race coming up in less than a month. This will be my last half marathon of the year due to how busy the end of the year is panning out. I wanted to do seven half marathons, but I suppose six will do.

Sometimes just hanging out with your friends is just what the doctor ordered. Friends (good friends) just seem to make things better. This past Saturday a few of my coworkers and I went to see Janet Jackson!! She was amazing!!! I can't even express how great she was. It was just what I needed too. The concert came at just the perfect time. Obviously it wasn't planned, since we purchased the tickets months and months in advance. There was no way of knowing the concert would have been the same week as my appointment.

The entire concert I was either dancing, singing, or screaming for Janet. Some times I was doing all three. Our seats were actually pretty good but I wish I had a better camera to take better pictures. She sang for close to two hours with some new but mostly all her old stuff. Oh how amazing it was to see her live. She looks great for being 49!

On Sunday, I kind of decided to take everything in. Yes my week had been a bit overwhelming but then I started to think of how great my life really is. The best is yet to come! That's how I am going to keep looking at things. So my week long blog hiatus is officially over. Guess you guys are stuck with me for a bit longer. Remember the best is yet to come! :)

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