Monday, November 2, 2015

Holiday/November Challenges to Stay Fit During The Holidays

I can't believe this year is almost over. And you know what happens at the end of the year? Holiday food from all the parties! I swear it starts with Halloween and then it's all downhill until January comes along. Of course by then you've gained a few pounds, added that winter coat, and have to buy new clothes. So it makes sense that staying fit and in shape during the holidays is in everyone's best interest.

Last year I participated in Pile on The Miles from RunEatRepeat. It really kept me on track during the month of November. I made a weekly goal and really stuck to it. This year I am trying to stay active by doing a minimal of 30 minutes of exercise every day. Best part about this challenge is that it's virtual and free. On top of being free, there are prizes given throughout the entire month. If you want more information, check out RunEatRepeat post.

I am also doing an entire Holiday Sweat Challenge through my Sweat Pink Ambassadorship. This challenge runs from 11/2-1/2. So now I really have no excuse to not stay active during the holidays. The reason I do love this challenge is because it is with my other fellow ambassadors and we really motivate each other. Every day we log in and jot down how many minutes we've done and post them through social media. So if you follow me on Instagram fair warning it will have a lot of pictures of me exercising during the holidays. This challenge is also virtual, free, and many prizes will be given.

I love the holidays, but I am not a fan of the notorious weight gain. I'm really hoping that these challenges are going to keep me on track. I would highly encourage all of you to participate in a challenge this winter. Wether it is one of the ones I listed above or if you know of any other one. Sometimes local gyms or even workplaces will do challenges. So keep an ear out for one that fits you. Last thing you want is to regret not making an effort and then having a closet of clothes that no longer fit.

Now for the honest truth...I am doing everything that I can to stay in shape, but the next two months I will be gaining weight due to hormone medications in preparation for IVF. Last month I was open about my infertility issues. It took a lot out of me to lay it out there. Since then I have had such an amazing response from so many or my friends and readers. So these challenges are meant to help me stay active but to also keep sane.  I am going to need to destress by working out because the next few months are going to be busy and stressful. I just need to keep smiling and luckily running makes me smile.

Are you participating in a holiday challenge?
How was your weekend?

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  1. You got this, my friend!! I participated in the challenge last year and it was fun; great community, as always.

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