Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Places to Run in San Diego: The Harbor/Embarcadero

Okay so I have another great running location to check out in San Diego. As many of you know, I have been having such a great time getting reacquainted to my city by checking out all the wonderful places to get a good run in. This city seriously has so much to offer! This time around, I want to tell you about running by the San Diego Harbor/Embarcadero.
I actually drive by the harbor multiple times a month since the airport is right there. My husband does travel a bit for work, so I am either picking him up or dropping him off. Every time I drive by there, there are always people running and it makes me a bit jealous. Well two weeks ago, I finally got to run there.
Getting to the harbor is pretty easy. From the airport it is literally right there and from the 5 freeway it is a few block away. Just follow the signs towards the airport and you'll reach the harbor. Free parking is available right on the harbor but it is only free for 2 hours. Further towards the Embarcadero you'll find additional metered parking.
Just from the start you are pretty much blown away from the beautiful views. I was there on a pretty cloudy day but I was definitely not dissappointed. Throughout the harbor you'll find restrooms and some water fountain drinks. If you run towards the Embarcadero you also get the opportunity to do some sight seeing while getting a good workout. Oh and did I mention the entire run is flat?

If after your run you find yourself a bit hungry or want to do some shopping, then you are in luck. Seaport Village is right along the harbor. This is a pretty popular place to check out for tourists. You actually start to see the beautiful views of the Coronado bridge along the running route.

Now since this is San Diego afterall, running along here can get a bit hectic and busy with tourists. The weekends are really busy especially during the popular tourists seasons. Mornings are usually the best time to get a good run in. I should also point out that since it is right next to downtown, there are plenty of hotel accomadations to stay at.   

Can't say enough good things about running on the harbor. If you are visiting San Diego or just looking for a new running route, then go check it out. Trust me you will not be dissapointed. Gotta love finding great new places to run in San Diego!
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  1. This looks beautiful! Maybe I'll get there one day :)

  2. It's a great location for running. I want to visit this place in the future.