Thursday, January 21, 2016

Friday Five: My Home Gym Equipment Wish List

I made the decision this year to not get a gym membership. Instead I have been working out from home and so far it has been great. It is super convenient to get a good workout from the comfort of my own home. I seriously have no reason to not workout. Don't get me wrong I do miss the gym, but mostly I miss certain gym equipment. I miss having a squat rack, a pool, a sauna, and other stuff. Little by little I am collecting equipment to make up for no longer having a gym membership. Here is my current wish list...hint, hint hubby!

I would love this!
I have been to a few gyms that have these and they are awesome.
You can get a full body workout without that added stress on your joints.
I'm keeping my eye on this!

Isn't she a beauty!
Like I said I miss my squat rack so this would definitely help with that feeling.
I can see myself building my booty with this and some added weights.
Oh the possibilities!

Never underestimate a simple workout bench.
It is super multifunctional.
 And can target different areas of your body for a good workout.

I have dumbbells but kettle bells are a ton of fun.
I used to do a full body workout with these at my previous gym.

Full Length Mirror

Honestly any full length mirror will do. 
This one just happens to be from Ikea.
Having a mirror allows me to check out my form.
It sounds a bit vane, but I miss looking at myself when lifting.

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  1. I'm actually thinking about taking the month of February off at my gym, so I'll be doing a lot of Home workouts too!

  2. These are great suggestions for a home gym. We had one in NH, but after moving to NC and having no basement, we got rid of all our equipment except some free weights and a Bosu ball. I do use those on occasion at home because it is so convenient.

  3. The TRX is one of the best things one can use at home!! The possibilities for exercises are endless!

  4. good stuff! I love working out with TRX! I can't workout at home though, I'd never be fully committed to it.

  5. A great weight bench is key for a home gym I also use my stability ball quite a bit. have a great weekend

  6. Well, I have a bench and a mirror! ;-) I have never belonged to a gym and do have a lot of equipment - including a treadmill and elliptical that we've bought over the years.

  7. Great list. I could definitely use some home gym equipment, especially for cases like this weekend when I'll be snowed in. Need to slowly build some up

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  9. try craigslist for all that stuff! sometimes you can score great deals on equipment for afraction of theprice.

    the TRX is AMAZING. i used it at least once a week and holy crap, SORENESS ALL DAY LONG. it's incredible. also, i have that ikea mirror in my home gym as well :)

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  11. Those would all be great additions to an at home gym. I already have an ancient treadmill . I want to get a Weight Bench too.. Thanks for sharing

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  16. I would also buy it all! Great set for home workouts! To said I would add

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