Thursday, January 7, 2016

Home Gym Here I Come!

Hello! So I am sure many of you guys are either super pumped to get fit this year or just tired of hearing/reading about it. I am a bit in the middle right now. I love the new year because it is the chance to start fresh but I am also tired of hearing about it. Don't get me wrong, I think it is wonderful if you are starting off the year all gun-ho, but stick to it...throughout the whole year. This time of the year is when everyone signs up for the gym, gets personal trainers, and tries to get on the health kick. Almost immediately you see the television commercials for weight watchers or gym memberships.

I remember I hated this time of the year at the gym. People come out of no where and then by mid February it would always be back to normal. This year though, I am not faced with that. This time around I am still not enrolled at any gym. When I moved down here, I wanted to wait and check out different places before making a decision. Well I kind of made a decision...NO GYM.

This decision was kind of made recently. It started when my brother gave me his treadmill. I was stoked when he offered this...for FREE! He recently had knee surgery so he said he had no need for it. Of course I took him up on this offer. And then we found a great deal on a weight set at Costco that we just couldn't pass up. I have been looking for this deal for a few years now and I had to jump on it when I saw it. So now I have a treadmill, weights, a bosu ball, stretchy bands, yoga mats, a bike trainer, and a jump rope.  Since my collection has just grown quite a bit, financially I thought it would be best to not invest in a gym membership. I am now just going to invest in my own home gym. So far it is pretty bland as far as decorations. I am in need of a mirror and need to hang up some stuff to make it more pleasant in my garage. I would love to finally hang my race medals somewhere.  Right now they have just been hanging out in a bag on the floor in the garage.

Now I know that I am going to miss certain aspects of the gym. I am going to miss having a sauna, a pool, a squat rack, and the variety of workout classes. I have decided though, that I am going to try to hit up some individual classes from local gyms to fill that void. Also if I want to hit the pool lanes, then luckily the YMCA is close by. If I am really feeling brave then I will put on my wet suit and hit the bay (probably not though).

Do you have a home gym?

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  1. I built a home gym earlier this year. Definitely a must in our home. With unpredictable weather all year, we needed something. And I am sure snow is just around the corner.

    I'm jealous you live in San Diego. My brother lives there and I envy him.

    1. If you even come and visit let me know! Would love to meet knew people. :)

  2. Love this! My home gym consists of a mat and some free weights in the corner of my living room :)

    1. Every little bit counts! I am glad my husband let me take over "his" garage.

  3. That's awesome that you got the treadmill for free! Those things are freaking expensive!

  4. for 3 years i worked out in my home gym in the basement and i loved it!! but then i outgrew my weights and didn't want to spend more money so i managed to swing a good deal at the gym near my place and joined there. then i started muay thai and everything else took a back seat!

    home gyms are so convenient, though!

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