Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Review + 5 Workout Songs To Add To Your Playlist!

Can't believe January is pretty much done! It just feels like this month flew by. I have been pretty active this month considering I am not currently training for anything. I guess you can say I am just training for life. For some reason I have just been extremely motivated and been having so much energy. Don't know how long these bursts of energy will last, so I guess my workouts/running have benefited from this. I didn't set out this year with any real fitness goals. And so far it has worked out great!

For someone who isn't training for any race, I have managed to log in 62.95 running miles this month. I know for some people it doesn't seem like a lot. But this is a lot for me during the "off" season. Not only have I logged in more miles than I usually do, but I have incorporated weight training, HIIT workouts, more yoga, and new supplements. I'll be reviewing the supplements from BeFit along with their 30 day Fat Burner Workouts next month. One lucky reader will even get the opportunity to win their pre-workout, fat burner, and protein powder. So far guys, I am loving their stuff! Stay tuned for this giveaway. You are definitely going to want to sign up.

One thing that I tried more of this month was trail running. I am very fortunate to live near state parks that offer wonderful and absolutely breathtaking trails. If I keep this up, I am going to have to invest in some good trail running shoes. I am sure my husband isn't happy about that, but oh well! My pace is way slower when I run on trails, but I feel better. I can't explain it but it feels a bit more rewarding when I finish even just three miles.

I'm still getting my ocean view runs though! That definitely hasn't changed. Next month is a short one and the best part is that I am going on a little vacation to Cancun! We leave in 10 days and I literally can't wait. My hubby and I really need this. I have six more work shifts to go and then w are off! We love Cancun because it happens to be where we got married. It holds a special place in our hearts. We are actually going to his best friend's wedding. His best friend had such a great time at ours that he and his fiancee wanted to do theirs in Cancun as well.

On a final note, I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite songs this month. These songs I used for hills, sprints, easy jogs, and even weight training. Enjoy!

Ellie Goulding (Mike Mago Remix) - Army

Are you still reaching your New Year's resolutions/goals?

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