Monday, January 18, 2016

Running Without A Plan

This year I made no real goals. All I really wanted to do was change my way of thinking. I wanted to start being grateful each and every day for all the little things that I take for granted. So far my gratitude journal has kept me accountable for that. But since I didn't make any fitness goals, it's been a bit weird. I feel a bit off, like I am missing something.

Every year I run the Carlsbad Half Marathon at the beginning of the year.  It's a great race to start the year, but I missed it this year. It would have been 10 years if I had ran this race this past weekend. The main reason I didn't run was because I needed a break. I needed to regroup and to be honest I thought I would be pregnant around this time after our IVF cycle. I almost signed up for it at the last minute, but then I thought I should take this time to heal. Heal my body from the stress of running. And heal my mind from the stress of our failed IVF cycle.

Funny thing though, even though I am not training for anything in particular I am racking in the miles. Just last week I ran over 22 miles and my body felt great. My pace has dropped and I am really enjoying running right now. Yes, running has always been my stress reliever but I guess not having a real training plan has allowed me to just truly enjoy all my runs. It has actually gotten me a bit excited about signing up for my next big race. I know I will run the Rock n Roll San Diego race in June but I was thinking of possibly signing up for the Chicago Marathon. Yep! That's right...the girl who said she would never run another marathon is contemplating putting her name in the lottery for this iconic race.

Not really sure what the rest of the year will look like for me, but so far it is looking good. In April I am signed up to take my running coach certification. I have been wanting to do this for a few years, so I am super excited about this. This could lead to so many fun and great things for me within the running community. And if I get into the Chicago Marathon...let's just say my whole year will revolve around this.

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  1. Who cares if your pace drops, right?! I say that in the most loving and happy way :) I appreciate the fact that you didn't set concrete goals this year. XOXO

  2. Some of my best runs have just been slow and steady - more about enjoying my time outside and taking it all in vs. nailing a certain pace. I love to push myself and train for PRs, but it's the "not important" runs where I enjoy running most, and I suppose that makes them the most important of all.

  3. You are awesome Daisy! I'm glad you are enjoying running again and that you put your name in for the Chicago marathon! That would be so fun!

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