Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Best Beach Towel Out There!

Let's be honest, I am pretty lucky to live in San Diego. This city is pretty awesome. Most people come here to visit and be tourist and I get to live here 365 days a year. To pin point one thing I love about this city would be incredibly hard. But since it is a coastal city, I will say that having access to beautiful beaches is pretty high up on the list.


There are so many great beaches to check out around here. So when I was asked to review the Aurorae towel, I was more than happy to. I am always in search of a good beach towel and this one sure didn't dissapoint. First of all this towel is huge and super soft. Being extra large means there is extra coverage...seriously there could potentially be room for two! This company prides itself on having a very durable and long lasting towel. I haven't had it that long but even after a few washes it still feels nice.

It's microfibers allow for maximum absorbency which is perfect when going for a swim in either the ocean or a pool. El Nino has been hitting the California coast recently so swimming in the ocean has not been ideal. Plus it is winter so my butt won't be getting in that water until it warms up a bit more. I've resulted in going to the local YMCA for some lap pool time. The other day I actually used it during my workout as my sweat rag. Yes the towel was a bit on the bigger side, but it did the trick. Or if you are in need of a blanket, this towel is large enough to keep you warm especially out on a picnic .

I should also point out that this company is known for having great customer service. I mean they offer a wide varitety of products (a lot of which are yoga products) and still have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Each product that they sell comes with a full 2 year guarantee. So where can you buy their products? You can purchase this towel and other products on their website and on Amazon.

 I was given a free towel to review but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Looks like a great towel to take to the beach or pool!

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